Marvel’s TV shows

Marvel does movies right. Hits like Ironman, Thor, Captain America and the Avengers leaves no doubt. What they are not so great at is doing TV shows. Agents of SHIELD to Agent Carter those shows have not been able to really stick.

They have their fans don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Agents of SHIELD myself though lately that is starting to wane. However if you look at DC’s offerings like Arrow, Gotham and The Flash those shows are much more successful. Recently Marvel released Daredevil on Netflix and they dropped the complete season of 13 episodes all at once. Something that has never been done before. Users could binge watch the whole season back to back or choose to spread it out at a slower pace. Regardless it was all there for the viewer’s consumption. The show has been a major hit and has already been signed for a second season in 2016. In all fairness I have seen neither Daredevil or Agent Carter but I have both and I’m going to watch and then update with another post afterward. We’ll see if my thoughts are the same or if anything changes.

I did say my interest in Agents of SHIELD is waning and here’s why. The show started out with a team of SHIELD agents and they were on missions to find rogue bad guys and nuetralize them or bring them back to SHIELD. Weirdly enough you would think that the show being a product of Marvel. Would have guest appearances by some of the Avengers’ characters but I guess there’s not a big enough budget to get the A-List actors. Getting back to what I was saying. In the beginning they had an episode with an Asgardian on Earth. They were dealing with a staff that would give the weilder super strength and tap into their inner fear and rage. The episodes were entertaining, action packed and funny. We got to know the team and care about the team members. Now thought every episode has been all about this HYDRA takeover and rebuilding of SHIELD. There is not so much of a team to root for anymore because all the members seem to be dealing with their own thing. Skye is an Inhuman so she is dealing with that and is cut off from the team. Agent Ward was a traitor and now Mack and Bobbi well their loyalty lies somewhere else. So as a viewer it’s hard to know which characters to invest in. Agent Ward being part of HYDRA that was a twist and had shock factor. Now having two more of the team not really aligning themselves with Coulson’s SHIELD it just gets tired. They’ve taken a TV show and tried to turn it into a movie that’s broken up into little segments in my view. The problem is there are no superheros and that is who viewers are looking for when they watch a Marvel show. This is probably why Daredevil by all accounts kicks both shows asses.

Obviously they couldn’t have different actors playing parts on the show for Ironman, Captain America, etc. Viewers would be used to Robert Downey Jr. , Chris Evans, etc. So it would be weird to see and hear someone else trying to play the part. However there are smaller superheros that are in the Marvel universe that could show up. The fact that Skye is an inhuman how about an appearance by Medusa, Blackbolt, Lockjaw? Daredevil is another great idea since the show is already out there. Apart from the superheros get back to a cohesive team we can root for as they go on adventures.

Agent Carter to me suffers from the same problems. You have an agent who worked with Captain America. Howard Starks Ironman’s father but there are no superheros or Avengers in it. I really can’t go in depth with it because I haven’t really watched but if you look at a show like Daredevil, The Flash, Arrow the commonality is they are all about the superhero. Daredevil and Green Arrow don’t have super powers but they are super heros. So while Agent Carter is a cool show because of the era it is portraying I don’t see much more that viewers would watch it to see. Daredevil has set the bar in terms of Marvel’s TV shows and I hope that means Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter are about to rise to that level.