Apple Music free trial

Apple Music launched awhile ago with the introduction of iOS 8.1.4. Apple Music is Apple’s foray into the streaming music market. It is a package comprised of streaming music, Beats 1 a 24-7 live radio station and Connect.

What some iOS and iTune’s users might not know is that Apple Music comes with a 3 month free trial when signing up. It also allows you to download songs to the device. You’re not stuck only streaming them. Apple Music is all about music discovery for users. So with a 3 month free trial you are only limited by your device’s storage size for getting music.

The service is priced reasonably and some people will love the streaming aspect. The live radio station is a great idea and a great form of discovery. However for the users with limited monthly data plans they can only stream while they are on Wifi. So they might think the service is not for them but as I mentioned you can download the songs to your device. Some users who are on limited budgets or are already signed up for a different streaming service. I say why not still take advantage of the free 3 months to download music? Once Apple Music is setup and while on wifi head to the “For You” or “New” sections in the Music app on iOS. You can browse through the songs shown or search for songs. When you find a song/album tap the more icon (…) and select “Make available offline”. The song/album will be downloaded to the device and available with or without an internet connection. In iTunes again go to the “For You” or “New” section. Find the songs you want and click the (…) again. Choose “Add to” and you can then send the song to your device or add it to a playlist in iTunes which will then be synced to the device. At the end of the free trial if a user chooses not to subscribe the downloaded songs will obviously be automatically removed from the device. However three months is a pretty long time to listen to free music why pass up the oppurtunity? Users might discover new songs, artists, bands, etc. and even if they don’t continue with the streaming service. They can still purchase the new found songs. It’s a win-win situation. Just know that the subscription is set to auto-renew. You can follow this iMore post to turn the auto-renew option off. Get to it and start discovering some new music or listening to your favorites for free.