My reaction to Fanboynation post about new Ghostbusters movie

A while back I was reading a post on titled “Let’s Be Honest: You Don’t Have a Problem With the New ‘Ghostbusters,’ You Have a Problem With Women”. It started off being about the online outrage over pictures from the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. The outrage so far has been because the Ghostbusters’ team are women instead of men. The post was talking about why the outrage is un-necessary and pre-judgey at this point. All that is cool but I found the post to be a total piece of crap because of the way it was written.
First of all the post goes through talking about producers and then harps on male actors, primarily Ryan Reynolds. Male actors who have acted in movies that weren’t critically acclaimed. My problem here is if you have to make a point about how good this all women cast might be by tearing down or talking negatively about others then you can’t stand on your own point. I’m a fan of Ryan Reynolds and so when I got to that part this just irked me. I also find that people seem to judge a movie against the actor as if they write the scripts and direct themselves while playing the characters. Acting is their job and they are hired to play a character. It’s not like Ryan Reynolds could come in and then say “no I’m not playing this character it’s terrible”. Also if you take into account the fact that just because the actor is playing the part, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been reading and is familiar with the character from the comics. So to blame Ryan Reynolds for the horrible Deadpool character in XMen Origins: Wolverine to me is stupid. Then to go on saying that hope that the upcoming Deadpool movie is going to be good is un-warranted because of Ryan’s previous Deadpool role and an un-proven director. The whole post is about not judging the upcoming Ghostbusters movie based on just pictures revealed but instead to wait until it’s out and judge for yourself. Yet the writer wants to pre-judge the new Deadpool movie because the director is un-proven and Ryan Reynolds played a role that was horribly written. hmmmm 😕
My next problem is one that this post falls into, along with it seems many other things these days. When you talk about equality, for me it’s not the superiority of women which is what I see quite often right now. This is just swinging the pendulum in the other direction in reaction to the male dominating attitude that has been around for decades maybe even centuries. Equality is about women being as good as men to do anything. It is not about how much better women are at doing things than men that is not equality. This post hops on that bandwagon because if you disagree then you are just sexist. I don’t have a problem with the new Ghostbusters movie because of the roles being played by women. Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorites I love her movies. I would have a problem with the Ghostbusters movie if it isn’t new but just a reboot of the original with an all new cast. I hate the constant rebooting of movies because it is lazy to me. Can a new story not be created? So if this is a new Ghostbusters movie and the women are for example the daughters of the original Ghostbusters or maybe one of the original Ghostbusters sells what’s left of the Ghostbusters outfit after years of only getting prank calls and raccoons in attics. I would be all for it and would be excited for its release. I don’t know yet if that’s the case so I wont judge until I find out. Even if it is a reboot I would probably still go to see it because I want to compare it to the original and see if it can bring back that nostalgia for me. I really hope that it is a new story though and like I said I love Melissa McCarthy’s movies so either way I will go to see it. So for me it has nothing to do with the cast being women but instead the idea of just rebooting an old story instead of creating a new one.