Why you can’t delete Apple apps from your iPhone

I was going through my Twitter timeline on the weekend. When I came across this interesting post on Business Insider titled “Dear Apple: Let me delete your apps from my iPhone”. I found it interesting because from the title I already knew what it was going to be all about. I read through because sometimes the title of a post is the total opposite of what the post is all about. I have been an iPhone user for almost a decade now. I had the very first iPhone in 2007 and have owned an iPhone ever since. So I like to think that I’m a pretty knowledgable user when it comes to the iPhone. I disagree with the post and actually think it’s a pretty useless one and here’s why.
The point of the post is the author would like to delete some of Apple’s first party apps. Apps like Apple Watch, Maps, Health, iBooks, Passbook, Facetime, Calendar, Music, etc. His position is that he doesn’t need them and would like to get back the space they take up for media he does want (music, apps, games). The space they take up is negligible. I mean lets be completely honest here the little space that these apps take up wont make any significant difference on the device. The thing taking up space on most users’ iPhones are the thousands of pictures and videos. Plus most likely games which are large in size and also have player data as well. Now as to why I thought the post was useless. As a post in the Business Insider the author is not making user’s more knowledgable or informed. The post is very ignorant of why the apps can’t be deleted. Instead of giving users information. Instead of looking into why they can’t be deleted and presenting this information to users. It goes for a catchy title and wants to capitalize on like minded users. In my mind it’s a waste of an oppurtunity to increase users’ knowledge. It’s a dis-service to users.
Apple doesn’t allow a user to set third party apps as default apps. Also the space that a user might save by deleting the apps will probably pale in comparison to the headaches that would come with an unstable OS. The OS is made with these apps coded to launch when a link is tapped or Siri is asked for the weather for example. So it’s not just a simple decision Apple can make and then boom the apps can be deleted. Yes you don’t own an Apple Watch so it does seem silly to have the app on your device. Except there are users who will buy the Apple Watch and if the app wasn’t pre-installed would be stuck wondering how the hell they get the two devices to pair. So Apple provides the app in order to benefit the largest section of users. The apps can’t be deleted because they are a part of the OS. The OS would need to be re-written to allow users to either A) remove the apps  or B) not be pre-installed but allow users to download the apps. This is not a small change and it is also one that will have users asking to choose which apps (first or third party) are the system default. You know it reminds me of when the iPhone didn’t come with Flash. There were posts on every site asking Apple to reconsider. Users complaining about not being able to do this, that and the other. Now all I see are posts everywhere demanding the death of Flash because it causes huge battery drain and hogs system resources along with the fact it’s not secure.
You don’t like the apps put them in a folder. Otherwise my advice would be get an Android device, it’s why they exist so users have a choice.