Protect thy iPhone

I just don’t understand people I see walking around with smartphones and no case. The only time I’ve ever used an iPhone without a case was my very first iPhone back in 2007. There was no case on the market for it back then. The iPhone had just arrived and no one knew the changes it was about to herald in the smartphone market. Now every case maker has cases available for every model and tries to have cases ready before new models hit the market. So when I go to an Apple store and see user after user at the genius bar with an iPhone that has a broken screen it makes me sad. =(
This weekend was a perfect example of why I use the cases I do. The two cases I’ve ever used on my iPhones are the Otterbox Defender and the Lifeproof case. The Otterbox Defender is a full protection case that is made of a hard plastic shell wrapped in a silicone outer layer with it’s own flexible built in screen protector. The Lifeproof is a similar design in that it also has the flexible built in screen protector. The Lifeproof is a thinner design with the added benefit of being waterproof. Both are the best cases out there and turn the iPhone into a tank that can withstand drops, dings and spills.
Getting back to this weekend and why I was glad to have the Otterbox Defender on my iPhone 6. As I was settling in to my car, my iPhone plugged in and charging. I put it on the arm rest like usual and while reversing it slid between the seat and the arm rest. When I pulled it out there was a nice scratch across the screen. If I didn’t have a case on or even a lesser case than the Otterbox Defender I would have been screwed. The scratch would have been on my iPhone’s screen instead of on the built in screen of the Defender case. These things happen and no matter how careful anyone is, short of wrapping the phone in bubblewrap, a protective case is the better option. Damage to the screen is not covered by the warranty of the iPhone unless the person buys Applecare+.
Sure I understand how great the iPhone looks without the case. But I don’t have hundreds of dollars to replace it after dropping it or something as simple as it sliding between the seats of my car.

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