Lightning cable lifehack

If you’ve got a newer iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you probably have a Lightning cable. You may have noticed already that the cable seems to fray or break at the end with the lightning connector. After replacing 3 of my cables I figured out that it’s probably because that end is twisted and bent more often. The other end is plugged into the USB port or a charging plug. It doesn’t move much if at all while the end with the lightning connector is bent and twisted constantly.
There is a simple solution that should extend the life of your cables, a lifehack if you will. All it requires is a strip of electrical tape. Wrap the electrical tape starting a bit on the shoulder of the lightning connector and then down the cable itself. The added electrical tape makes that portion of the cable a little more rigid while still remaining flexible. The added strength should help prevent that end of the cable from breaking and fraying after some time in use. A roll of electrical tape doesn’t cost much and it literally takes a minute or two.