Using a QR Code to give guests access to Wifi

I found this great post about using a QR Code to give guests access to your Wifi network without the awkward question, “What’s your Wifi password?”. While it’s a cool idea in theory. There are a few obstacles in the way regrettfully.

The first obstacle is, at least on an iPhone, the user will need an app. They will need to already have a QR code scanner app insatlled. So if your guest doesn’t have the app, which most likely they wont, they will need to install it in order to scan the QR code. If it’s the only time they will ever use it asking for the password will be much easier. The next obstacle is once the app is installed scanning the QR code will only return the password as text. Which will then have to be pasted into the wifi password prompt. It is not hard but it takes away from the novelty of the whole process.

It’s too bad because it really is a cool idea. If only smartphones had the built-in ability to scan QR codes. It would at least eliminate the need to install an app. QR codes could be put up in establishments or printed on receipts for access to free wifi. I did still make my own QR code but sadly I doubt it will get much use.