CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 8 thoughts

I shared my thoughts on CSI: Cyber in a previous post. As I said maybe the things I complained about changed in time. Perhaps I needed to watch more episodes and my opinions might change. The show is in the recording schedule on my PVR. So I thought I would give my thoughts after watching each episode. The episodes are re-runs since season 1 is over and season 2 begins in October. They won’t be in chronological order, is what I’m sayin’.

Last night I watched Episode 8, titled “Selfie 2.0”. The episode was about women who went missing while their “FriendAgenda” pages were still being updated. When one missing woman turns up dead the Cyber unit starts looking into it. By looking at posts on the social site from before and then after the woman went missing. They saw the change in tone of the messages. They also found crude tattoos on the woman’s back along with signs she was restrained. All the evidence leads them to believe the women are being abducted and held. The team heads out to the house of the mother of one of the women. They get her laptop which was left behind. This is where the problems with the show began for me. Patricia Arquette who plays Agent Avery Ryan is without emotion. CSI Miami’s Horatio Caine might have taken off his sunglasses at the drop of a hat. However one thing about his character is that you knew he felt for the victims. You felt like he would do everything in his power to bring the victim(s) justice. The feelings, the empathy, the passion just seems missing in Agent Ryan to me.

The next problem for me happens when Brody Nelson, played by Shad Moss, is working on the missing woman’s computer. As I’ve said before his character is highly under-utilized especially when he’s supposed to be an ex black hat hacker. There he is, finally doing something on a computer and after just a few seconds Daniel Krumitz kicks him out of the seat and takes over. WTF? I find it hard to believe that an ex black hat hacker couldn’t do whatever Daniel was able to do. Plus the fact that I doubt they would have just given over control so easily. I mean couldn’t they have worked together instead? Couldn’t Daniel ask Brody to do a search on the computer or isolate all the dating sites the missing woman was using? There’s more than one computer after all. Again in the episode Daniel does 90 something percent of the computer work. I’d love to see Brody get a little more ex black hat.

When the team figures out that the person abducting the women looks for a specific type of woman, 5 foot 2 eyes of blue. They search the database of missing women eliminating women by using the specifics to refine the search. Agent Elijah Mundo and Brody keep repeating the specifics. After a search narrows the field Mundo says “xx caucasian women under 21”. Then after another search narrows it down even more Brody says “xx women left, all with dark hair, all caucasian, under the age of 21”. The repition is redundant and annoying to me. I feel like they are dumbing things down as if viewers wouldn’t be able to keep up with such a simple concept as narrowing a search. People search Google ever day, we uderstand the concept of search terms. We also get a scene of Agent Ryan, a former psychologist, looking for visual clues of guilt in a suspect’s body language during questioning. Much like the show “Lie to Me” only in CSI: Cyber it lasts for only a couple seconds during a scene. Again it only happens in one scene during the questioning of one suspect. It just seems like a waste of the special effects since to me it doesn’t lead anywhere.

The episodes seem hurried to me from the two that I have watched so far. I feel like they are hurrying to pack in a lot of stuff and instead end up zooming through everything. I’m going through these things because I’d like to see the show get stronger. There are good parts of the show too, though so far I have focused mainly on the things that I feel need to change. One of the greatest moments for me in this episode. A silver lining, was a dance and interaction between Brody and Daniel. They were looking at security footage and figured out that the person who abducted the last missing woman was also a woman. Not only a woman but the first woman to be abducted. The interaction adds personality to the characters. It would have been an even better interaction if both Brody and Daniel were typing away working together just sayin. Peter MacNicol is another great part of the show. He is a great actor and adds presence in all of his scenes. He’s another actor that I feel is underused in the two episodes I’ve seen so far. I also like the fact that all the exploits and technology they talk about are real. They don’t use made up jargon or exploits. It has the potential to educate some viewers who weren’t aware of just what they are putting out there when they use smartphones and tablet devices.

I recently watched Season 1’s first episode of Mr. Robot. Another technology based show with some similarities. The two shows are different in terms of what they are all about. Mr. Robot is more gritty while CSI: Cyber is definitely aimed at a more mainstream audience. However I definitely think the creators of CSI: Cyber would do well to watch Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot doesn’t use any fancy effects but the use of computers and coding is great. The story also pulls the viewer in and is intriguing. As I said I think the two shows are aimed at different audiences. I don’t want CSI: Cyber to become Mr. Robot but it doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons on how CSI: Cyber could do things better.