CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 6 thoughts

I’ve shared my thoughts on CSI: Cyber before. I went on to post my thoughts on Episode 8 as well. As I said before maybe the things I complain about changed over time. Perhaps I needed to watch more episodes and my opinions might change. The show is in the recording schedule on my PVR and I decided to give my thoughts after each episode.

Luckily a friend of mine bought episodes 6-10 on iTunes. I went over to his place and watched those episodes on his laptop. So I’ll be able to go through 6, 7 and 10 in order. Instead of waiting for re-runs to play and be recorded on my PVR. Episodes 1-5 and 11-13 of Season 1 are a different story. I’d like to go through them all before Season 2 begins airing on October 4th but I guess we’ll see what happens. I am certainly not going to pay $3.50 per episode to watch it on iTunes. Anyway I’ll be going through episode 6, titled “The Evil Twin”, today.

The episode started very promising for me. The background music combined with what seemed like either a dream sequence or flashback with Agent Mundo piqued my interest. The team starts working on the case of a hotel whose computer system has been hacked. After all the security footage from the hotel was deleted by the hacker. They find a woman in a room of the hotel who was killed. The dead woman’s phone was recovered from the toilet after the killer broke it and tried to flush it. Brody shows Agent Avery and Mundo how easy it is to hack the hotel system. He also demonstrates the amount of control a hacker has once in control of the system. He changed the thermostat and even closed the automatic window blinds in the particular room they were in. I’ve said before that I think his character is very under-used. This was the first time that I’ve seen good use of his character.

The next scene is when things start to go downhill for me. It was a return to Brody, Shad Moss’ character, being underused. Brody is supposed to be an ex black hat hacker. Yet in the scene he and Daniel are arguing after he starts talking about mobile device connectors and Apple devices, while not really doing anything. It makes Brody seem less technical than you would expect from an ex black hat. He even asks Daniel to give him something to do. Another ex black hat on the team Raven Ramirez, played by Hayley Kiyoko, is in the same scene. Yet she is on a computer looking through code. She finds the IP of the hacker in the code. So the creators clearly know what to do with a character that is an ex black hat. So why is Brody less of an ex black hat and more of a snapback?(hat joke for those who don’t know) We also get the usual scene of Avery doing the “Lie to me” bit of looking for physical cues while questioning someone. She does it while talking to the dead woman’s boyfriend. She noticed some bruising on his hands and his nervous reaction to her questioning. This scene finally made sense with her using the technique because it adds the possibility of someone else being the murderer besides their main suspect.

In this episode Daniel and Raven do most of the technical work. Raven is also showing the expertise that you would expect from an ex black hat. Brody was a little more active in this episode but it seems to be hit and miss so far to me. Again Avery misses an emotional que to me. We get some backstory on her character. Then an exchange between Avery and Mundo setup a great interaction when Mundo jokes about the Mets. Except Avery doesn’t laugh or react to the joke. A missed oppurtunity to add personality to her character. We find out that it was the woman’s boyfriend who killed her. He frames the guy that the team had as their main suspect. The boyfriend is also the one who jumps off the ledge of the building in the intro of the episode. Except that when we get back to the scene Mundo catches the boyfriend after he jumps. It’s pretty cool because you expect him to die when he jumps near the end of the show.

In the end I have to come back to MacNicol’s excellent acting in this episode. He is just so good in his role and like Shad Moss I feel that he is very under-utilized which I’ve said before. The very last scene was a great interaction between all the members of the cast. This episode, despite the things that annoyed me, was actually the best of all the episodes I’ve watched so far. We’ll see what happens in the next couple episodes I watch.