CSI: Cyber Episode 10 thoughts

I’ve shared my thoughts on the episodes of CSI: Cyber that I’ve watched so far. Next in line is Episode 10 “Click your poison”. If you missed the others here they are, Episode 6, 78 and 9.

Episode 10 begins with a guy getting coffee. While he’s in the coffee shop he starts to become disoriented. He stumbles outside and into the street where he gets hit and killed by a car. It shifts to Special Agent Avery Ryan who is being taken through the autopsy. The death was caused by drugs for a heart condition purchased at an online pharmacy. The drugs are fake and the same online pharmacy’s drugs have caused other deaths as well. The CSI: Cyber team looks into the Scroll MD site which is where the ads for the online pharmacy are found. They figure out that the Scroll MD site was hacked using HTML injection. The hacker then placed the false ads on the site. A click bait scheme that would direct victims to the online pharmacy no matter what they searched. The online pharmacy would then offer the same medicines found elsewhere at expensive prices to the visitors for a tiny fraction of the cost. The medicines look like the real version but are fake and have no medicinal drugs inside.

The episode slightly dips it’s toe into the issue of online self-diagnosis. But it doesn’t go deep into the issue, I’m guessing because it’s a contentious topic. Simon Sifter shows up as the team continues to search for the hacker and mastermind behind the fake drug scheme. As usual his presence is great and adds to every scene he’s in. The Deep Web and the Surface Web are mentoned in a conversation between Simon and Avery. They don’t go further into either one or the difference between the two.

Hot on the trail of where the medicinal drugs are begin shipped from Daniel and Brody work on eleminating a large number of possible IP addresses. It’s a great scene, these two characters work very well together from the episodes I’ve seen so far. The only thing I had a problem with in the scene was something I’ve complained about in each of my posts. Daniel is the one doing all the computer work. Again Shad Moss’ character Brody is not showing the skills you would associate with an ex black hat.

Avery and Mundo head to the address Brody and Daniel determine as the location the fake drugs are being sent from. They find a man who has lung cancer. He didn’t know the medicinal drugs he was sending out were fake. He was using the drugs himself to fight his cancer. Avery shows emotion when questioning the man. Compared to the other episodes where my main complaint for her character is the lack of emotion. It makes me think that she has some kind of personal link with the disease enabling her to tap into it and show emotion. It’s a great change for me and one that tells me if she would show the same level of emotion in other episodes it would be great both for her character and the show. As Avery and Mundo continue to search for where the man gets the drugs from that he delivers. Avery continues to show emotion and makes jokes. I really enjoyed this change in her character. They find the drug lab where the fake drugs are being made. However the man running it is not a techie which means that they have only found half of the operation.

Daniel and Brody work on the computers and mobile devices recoverd at the lab. They find out how the distributors are paid and the money from the operation is laundered. The mastermind hacker uses an online poker site to do it. Avery then profiles the hacker. The special effects during the profiling is pretty cool as she goes through the different characteristics of their suspect. Avery then devises a plan to catch the hacker. They buy $250K worth of medicine from the online pharmacy. Then wait for and track the hacker as he uses the online poker site to launder the $250K. Once he is finished the winnings from the poker site will be deposited into a real bank account. The hacker would then have to go to the bank in order to get the money. At which point the team would arrest him. The hacker splits the money into multiple poker games as the team tries to track them all and then find out where the money is being deposited. Again Daniel is doing all the computer work while Brody sits on the sidelines. The team is able to finally track where the money was deposited and arrested the hacker as he ran out of the bank. The last scene of the episode is great. The team celebrates in a pub after their capture of the hacker. We get some backstory on Brody’s past as a blackhat. The interaction between the whole team was great.

I really liked this episode. It has given me hope for episodes 11-13 which are the last episodes of Season 1. I will see if the show gets better for me or falls back into the problems from previous episodes. There weren’t many problems for me in this episode and the few that I found could be overlooked because of the positives. Some of the really great things in the episode for me were. Avery making a joke, when Mundo says “the Department of Transportation (DOT) only keeps the information for 20 minutes” Avery says laughing “you really believe that”. The shirt Daniel is wearing in one scene that reads “Tesla rules, Edison drools” lol. I’m hopeful for the remaining episodes so stay tuned!