CSI: Cyber Episode 12 Thoughts

I was hoping to watch and share my thoughts on all the CSI:Cyber Season 1 episodes before the second season started. However the second season starts tonight so that is not going to happen. I’ve already gone through my thoughts on Episode 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Now I’ll be going through Episode 12 titled “Bit by Bit”. It’s the last episode I have watched from Season 1. The show is in the recording schedule of my PVR so let’s see if there are any changes for the better in Season 2.

Episode 12 starts with Daniel running into a house. He executes some commands on a Mac and then heads back downstairs. We get Agent Avery Ryan standing beside a young boy downstairs. A young boy she calls Daniel’s brother. Then we see the tip of a gun pointed at Avery and the little boy. It cuts to 36 hours earlier when the lights in downtown Detroit are off. The CSI Cyber team shows up because the power loss was caused after the power grid was hacked. The scene shifts to a safe that is being cracked. The power loss is obviously a cover for the impending theft. Meanwhile Brody and Raven are both working on the system to get it back up and restore power. I love the interaction between Brody and Raven. I’ve said it before, I think that the show needs some relationships in order to really pull viewers into the characters. We get more hints at something developing between these two. I said the same thing in another episode but it seems like anything that’s going to happen is going to take a looooong time. We get some talk of injecting malicious code, it’s one of the things I like about the show. The fact that they don’t use fake jargon or made up scenarios.

The safe is finally cracked and the thief/hacker steps into a huge vault full of jewelry. The power comes back on and someone is entering the store to check on things. The thief then shoots, who we find out later is the store owner’s son. He runs out setting off the alarm and getting caught on camera. Except that nothing in the vault was touched. That is because there was a laptop inside the vault with a bitcoin account. The theif stole $500,000 worth of Bitcoin. Avery figures that the blackout was used to cover up the Bitcoin heist. There’s more mentions of the Deepweb and Bitcoin.

The team finds their thief but he’s in the room of a motel dead. There are obvious signs of a break in to the room and the thief was tortured before he was killed. The owners of the store have two sons. The team finds out that the second brother hired Bitcoin bounty hunters. They were supposed to get back the stolen Bitcoins. Except after the murder of the thief it’s obvious they didn’t plan to give any of the money back. The thief used a botnet and before the bounty hunters killed him. He hid both keys required to access the Bitcoin account on seperate computers in the botnet. I enjoyed this episode up to this point and I’m hoping it doesn’t start sucking.

Anyway, the bounty hunters have the IP addresses of the two computers where the keys are stashed. They head to the location of the first computer. They retrieve the first passkey meanwhile the team gets into the server farm to get the same information themselves. They hope to get the location of the second computer and arrive there before the bounty hunters. We get more backstory on Brody, he’s looking at his old iPad. It was part of the evidence back when the FBI arrested him as a Blackhat hacker. Sifter and Avery talked to a judge and asked that he be taken off the probationary period so that his devices would be returned. Back on the case the team decides to infect one of their own computers in order to join the Botnet. It’s the fastest way that they would be able to get the information they need. After joining the botnet they find out the IP and location of the computer with the second Passkey. The IP is dynamically assigned so the bounty hunters are heading to the wrong place.

This is when we find out that the boy at the beginning of the episode is not really Daniel’s brother. The team headed to the location of the computer that had the IP address. The same location the bounty hunters were headed to in order to retrieve the second passkey. The team got the homeowners out of the house and rigged their computer so that Brody could monitor it from outside the house. Except their son who was at a sleepover came home. Which is why Avery pretends Daniel and the boy are her sons. I really liked this episode, there were no issues for me. Any issues were minor, things you would expect from an entertainment standpoint. We finally get Brody doing some computer work. Something I’ve been harping on and I hope the trend continues in Season 2. We get a great interaction between Brody and Daniel, these two work great together. Ryan and Brody also have a great interaction, it’s good to see the continuation of her character showing more emotion.

My opinions on the show haven’t been completely changed yet. The episodes in Season 1 that I have seen were hit and miss. It wasn’t a steady progression. However the later episodes were better for me than when I first started watching. This makes me hopeful for the second season. I’ll be watching and sharing my thoughts. Like I said before I think this show has enormous potential but it is a 50/50 chance whether it makes it or eventually fizzles out like all the other CSI shows.