CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 1 thoughts

I’ve been watching and commenting on CSI:Cyber Season 1 episodes. In case you missed it go back and read through my thoughts on episode 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. I’d actually like to see all 13 episodes of Season 1 just for completion sake. Anyway Season 2 started about a week ago and it’s got me so hopeful. It’s like someone read my posts and was like “hey this guy’s onto something”. Season 2 has Brody doing more technical work, check. Agent Avery Ryan showing more emotion and building her character, check. Less overused tech based special effects, check. No more constant mentions of “spoofing”, check and the beginning of a relationship between Raven and Brody, check!

The first episode of Season 2 has got me feeling really hopeful for the show and the rest of the season. There are so many possibilities that can result from the things raised in the first episode. Daniel has to testify at his sister’s trial. We get some back story on his character and flashbacks of his parents who were killed. Daniel’s sister killed a man who she told Daniel was stalking her. In court however we find out that she was actually the one stalking the man who she shot and killed. It will be interesting to see if now that the trial is over will the episodes return to Daniel doing 90% of the technical work? I also have a feeling that the man who Daniel’s sister killed might have been responsible for killing their parents. Will Daniel start looking into the dead man’s life? What will he find and how will the team react?

In the first episode we get a shower scene at the end with Brody and Raven. Will it develop further into a relationship? Will they tell the rest of the team or try to keep it a secret? What will the team’s reaction be to the relationship? As I said in my other posts a relationship gets viewers interested in the characters and what happens. Will Brody and Raven continue to work together or will Brody go back to working with Daniel? We also find out that Agent Elijah Mundo’s father has cancer and is refusing treatment. We will see how this continues to affect him during the season. Avery has already noticed something a bit different with him in the first episode. How long before the whole team finds out? There is also the hint of another possible relationship between Mundo and the bartender so we’ll see where that goes. There are just so many possibilities and storylines here.

The first episode gets straight to the fact that Peter MacNicol, who played Simon Sifter, is no longer on the show. He was one of my favorite characters and was a great member of the cast. As he leaves Ted Danson is added to the cast as DB Russell. The change hasn’t affected me so far. I’ll need to see how Ted Danson does in a couple more episodes. In the first episode his character was well versed and added to the story. So if it keeps up like that then his addition will not be a downside. I am sorry to see MacNicol go and if it was because of money the way I see it keeping him would have been the better move since his character was already established. I still think Agent Avery Ryan needs to show more emotions. There are still scenes when her character just comes off as fake for me. The lines seem forced and hollow instead of making us believe in the character.

My final thought is that now they need to bring in a new player. One that is not just caught at the end of the episode but re-appears in intermittent episodes as the team tries to catch him/her. I’m thinking a grey hat hacker who helps the team but is not confined to the laws that the FBI team must follow. Like the grey hat could hack into the system of a hacker on the FBI’s list. The grey hat infects the system and has it send all the necessary information for the CSI: Cyber team to capture the hacker. The team is surprised at how easy it was to catch the hacker and how sloppy the hacker was. The team was not expecting that at all, then searching through the information and devices they find evidence of the intrussion by the grey hat. They figure out that it was his work that gave the team such an easy catch. Avery says that whether of not the grey hat was helping he violated laws and that means he was now on the team’s list. This would do a couple of things for the show. It would create a grey area with a seemingly bad guy doing good things; shows like Blacklist are perfect examples. Some viewers will root for the grey hat. This will also create a story that spans more than just one episode and done.

The way I envision it the grey hat is a master hacker. He isn’t sloppy at all, very calculated and always planning three steps ahead. He got his handle, “gH0st” which is widely known and revered throughout the hacker community, because you never know when he is in your system. Even the team is split when the ex black hats think that the fact he is doing good redeems the methods he is using. While the other members of the team view the grey hat the same way as the other hackers on their list. This could even introduce the first fight between Brody and Raven as they end up on different sides of the argument. In the first episode that introduces the grey hat we never see his face. All we see is a dark room, with a figure in the shadows at a desk with a monitor and the keyboard while he is typing commands. The team then scrambles in excitement when a hacker at the top of their list makes vital “mistakes”. The team executes a raid and capture the hacker. After looking through the data they discover an intrusion in the system. Daniel and Brody both figure out it was done by none other than the “gH0st”. Daniel, Brody and Raven all go through the things they’ve heard about the gH0st. The fact that he is so good you only know he’s compromised a system if he wants you to know, “it’s the reason he got his handle”. They then consider the fact that he must have wanted them to know he hacked the system and helped them capture the hacker. Avery immediately orders them to check the FBI system to see if it was compromised. After searching through all the data they figure out that their system was hacked. But they don’t find anything malicious left behind and they can’t figure out why? We see the same dark room again this time with an old hourglass on the desk with sand slowly falling through. The monitor on the desk displays all of the team’s profiles and their list of hackers wanted for capture.

The grey hat views the team as the best test of his skills. He also views himself as a modern day Robin Hood doing good from the shadows. As the episode ends we get a brief glimpse of someone walking out of a building. We never see his face all we see is a man dressed in a nice suit. He walks out of the building and steps into a waiting vehicle as the driver closes the door.