CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 2 thoughts

I’ve been watching and commenting on CSI:Cyber since I started watching in Season 1. In case you missed it go back and read through my thoughts on episode 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 of Season 1. Season 2 just started recently and I did post my thoughts on episode 1 here. My posts will take a little longer after I’ve watched the episodes right now because I’m currently studying for a certification exam. Which doesn’t leave much time to write up my blog posts.

I’ve watched two episodes of the second season and so far I’m loving it. This second season is so much better than the episodes in Season 1 when I started watching. The second episode was funny, had a good story and I enjoyed watching it. Raven and Brody still haven’t let on to the team about their budding relationship. When Raven’s apartment is swatted Brody escapes down the fire escape. He later tells her that he didn’t want a police report that would put him at her apartment at 3AM. We find out that none of Raven’s friends know she works for the FBI. We are getting little pieces of Raven’s backstory slowly. Brody does more technical work which seems like it’s going to be norm now, FINALLY! Elijah tells Avery about his father’s reluctance to get treatment for his cancer. Plus we get a really sweet, touching scene between Elijah and his daughter. Ted Danson’s character DB has been bringing a more scientific lean to the episodes for me. It’s a nice integration with the technical element of the show.

Shad Moss has been great. Brody has been delivering some lines that really make me laugh. It adds to his character, adds to the show and brings a little fun. It’s the reason I always wondered why they seemed to be holding his character back in the first season. I love the scene with Brody and DB in this episode when they are talking about the HeartMate app. It was a hilarious interaction between the two. It highlighted their age difference and the attitude changes in generations. Another hilarious scene that I also loved that really did make me lol is when Brody turns to Daniel after DB and Avery leave and says “ Are we supposed to follow people when they say weird words and run out the room?“ 😂 The ending of the episode was great, building the team element as Daniel and Brody go over the dating profile they put together for DB. It also cements DB’s character a little more as part of the team.

I only had two small problems with this episode. They weren’t even problems but more like things that I thought would have made the episode even better. The first was the fact that the names of the revenge porn site owner/administrator they were looking for and the guy who gets killed were very similar. Kyle Bristow and Garth Rizzo, there were a couple of times during the episode when I was confused which one they were talking about. The second issue, which was a little more annoying to me, was how Avery was able to easily piece together how Holden was able to kill Kyle Bristow and frame Raven’s friend Tracy. I feel like they missed a great oppurtunity to have the team work together.

The way I would have done it is to have Tracy stay locked up. The lawyer tells Avery that her team has 72 hours to prove she didn’t commit the murder or the case is going to trial. Avery calls the team together and starts to go through the steps of what happened. Each member adds to the scenario with their thought of what happened. We get a flashback as each person goes over the scenario. When a member of the team hits a roadblock when their theory doesn’t make sense another member jumps in with an alaternate theory. It introduces more than one scenario and then Avery is able to say “Elijah go and find me where Holden bought the drug to subdue Tracy, Daniel and Brody go over traffic camera footage to see if we can get evidence of him entering Kyle Bristow’s residence. DB and I are going to work on solidifying the time of death”. The team all gets to add to the story and they would build a stronger case against Holden than just grabbing him in the end slapping handcuffs on him and telling him he’s under arrest for murder. This would also be a way to bring together the fact that Holden worked at the picture framing store and had access to Kyle Bristow’s picture. The phone call from Holden to Tracy’s mom pretending he was a police officer looking for Tracy. It would also lead to an interrogation of Holden and then confession when he is presented with all the evidence including the drugs in a syringe they found at his apartment.