My Comic Collection

About this time last year I got back into collecting comics. It all started when I found out Marvel was about to kill off a character that had been around for decades. A character that had the mutant ability of super healing. Yes I’m talking about your favorite mutant and mine, Wolverine. I couldn’t believe when I heard about the Death of Wolverine storyline. Comic book characters die all the time and then like any soap opera they re-appear eventually. Except Marvel was pretty clear that Wolverine was going to stay dead.

Once I heard this news I started searching for issues. That is when it happened. I was pulled back into the world of comics. In high school I collected comics not in the same way I do now. Back then I knew what I liked and collected all the issues in a storyline. I didn’t know about storing it properly to preserve it’s value or that it shouldn’t be out in sunlight. Now I was older and with the internet at my fingertips I decided if I was going to do it. I was going to do it right.

I learned all about bagging and boarding, proper storage and handling, etc. I found online resources for determining the value of issues, difference between raw and graded and learned all about slabbed comics. I met a cool set of fellow comic book lovers in the forums of the Blowout Cards site. So far my collection is in 3 short boxes and I’ve got a handful of graded comics. I know there are much larger collections out there but this is my little slice of collector heaven. I made a video of the comics in two of my shortboxes. It’s one hour long but if you love comics take a look. I’m going to do another video on my final shortbox hopefully soon but until then enjoy!