Dream cars

My wife asked me “If you were a millionaire which car would you own?”. When she asked me it took me awhile. I was thinking about all my favorite cars and which ONE would I own. It was hard because I wouldn’t own just one.

I love cars! I’ve been around them all my life, being the son of a mechanic. I’ve been around and in all types of cars. When I was old enough to buy my own I was at my dad’s shop all the time installing and planning modifications. If I was a millionaire there are just a handful of cars that would be sitting in my garage. The list will surprise a lot of people. But these are my dream cars and with that amount of money it’s more about what I could do to the cars than what cars I could buy.

So here’s my list in no particular order

Audi R8

I’ve loved the Audi R8 ever since it was released. The look and shape of it, the supercar status and speed. The sound of the engine is such music to my ears. This is at the top of my dreamcar list and would be my daily driver.


1999 Nissan Skyline GTR 34

I love everything about this car. The bodyshape, the taillights, the headlights. I love it all! Before I could even own a car I was looking into what it would take to import one into Canada. I calculated when the 13 year rule would allow it to be imported and I’ve always dreamed of owning and driving one. One day.


1999 Toyota Supra

This car would definitely sit in my garage. The raw power of the Supra coupled with it’s beautiful body makes me smile every time I see one. They are freaking expensive to buy and insure so it’s definitely out of my leaugue right now.


VR6 Corrado/GTI

Rounding out the cars in my dream garage would be either a VR6 Corrado or a VR6 GTI. There are few sounds to me that are as sweet as the one produced by the VR6 motor. When I was looking to buy my first car I almost bought a G60 Corrado but regretfully it wasn’t meant to be.

In my dream garage I’m putting on coilovers, de-badging them, fitting bigger turbos and all the other modifications that make them run like stink. Ahhhhhhhh dreams….

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