CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 3 thoughts

It’s been quite an eventful November for me so far. I studied for my certification exam and then when that was over Nanowrimo had already begun. So the blog posts have been a little slower to arrive lately. Since I’m trying to balance writing a new book and getting my blogs out. I finally had a chance to write my thoughts on Episode 3 of this season’s CSI:Cyber.

It was a pretty gripping and emotional episode for me because it dealt with racial tension. It also dealt with something that has been pretty fresh in America lately. The death of young black men at the hands of police officers. I thought this episode was very well done. It starts off with footage from a police officer’s bodycam. We watch him shoot an un-armed black man after chasing him into an alleyway. The team is put on the case because the police say the video is a fake. The black man in the video is missing and the police department had an intrusion. The system was accessed and the footage deleted. Some of the team head out to the city, where the video has gone viral, and racial tensions are increasing. Avery heads out to the missing man’s home, Derek Knowles. She speaks with the mother about Derek’s disappearance. While Brody and Daniel work at the police station to find out how the intrusion happened. The interaction between Brody and Daniel is great as always. Daniel brings up the fact that he gets discriminated against for being “big boned”. Brody figures out that a rootkit was hooked to the system’s kernel API allowing the attacker to take control of the chief of police’s computer. The attacker was then able to delete the video footage. DB and Raven work with the video footage to find out who the cop is behind the video. The team then heads over to the officer’s location to question him. Brody gets a little heated with the officer during the questioning. The officer admits to being in the video but says he didn’t kill anyone. Meanwhile DB and Mundo head to the alley looking for evidence to determine the validity of the video. They figure out the video was tampered with and that Derek wasn’t killed at least not in that alleyway. In another scene we see a man who is trying to create more tension. He’s obviously the person who hacked in and probably altered the video. The man leaks the officer’s address online. While the team and the officer try to escape an angry mob. A black man attacks Mundo with a bat and Mundo flips him takes the bat away and knees him in the face. Ryan profiles the hacker as a white male, highly skilled and patient. Brody watches Mundo get celebrated by the cops in the station for hitting the man from the mob you can tell it bothers him but he doesn’t say anything. We get a shot of a discheveled black man watching what is happening in the city. It’s obviously Derek so I was interested to see how that would play out.

Daniel tells DB that the attacker infected the body camera and that is how he was able to get into the system. The team then heads to a black church that was torched by the attacker. You can tell that the whole racial tension is affecting Brody more and more. Then we get a sweet scene between Brody and Raven furthering their budding relationship. Brody figures out the frequency the attacker uses and the team goes searching for their suspect. They find out that the suspect is a professor of sociology and later that he’s the cop’s brother plus the kicker, his wife’s black. We find out that he engineered the whole thing to illustrate how close the city is to a racial meltdown. There is a really tense scene between Brody and Mundo’s character. You can tell that Shad Moss as a black man has experienced racism at some point in his life. As most black people no matter what walk of life have. It was a great scene, it brought tension and his expressions added such realism. There are also some great hidden questions in the episode. Like if the suspect had been planing the whole thing for a long time did he purposely marry a black woman?

As the tension increases we see Derek Knowles in the crowded mob outside the police station. His mother sees him and after they hug Derek looks around at all the people chanting. He tries to get their attention by saying “I’m Derek Knowles and I’m still alive” but the people are not really paying attention to what he’s saying. The episode abruptly ends when he shouts out Stop! I am split on the ending. I like that Derek is the one to stop it and in such a powerful way. But I’m also torn by wanting to see what happens to the man who caused it all and a sort of good ending. I guess it’s just the optimist in me. I really like the direction of the show so far. It has been getting better with each episode for me.