CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 6 thoughts

CSI:Cyber episode 6 “Gone in 6 seconds” continues the theme of hacking of the Internet of Things(IoT). In the previous episode it was connected medical devices in a hospital. In this episode it’s the hacking of cars, which are more connected every day. Again this brings attention to the topic of car hacking. If anyone thinks this is a gimmick created for the show, something new or something that doesn’t need attention yet. They really need to read this Wired article about just how real this can get. The automobile manufacturers can’t be trusted to get this right. They are more concerned with profits from providing constant connectivity to our always online world. They want to be first to the table with the feature and most of them underestimate how skilled and motivated hackers are out there. They are opening up cars to exploits and we need to hold them responsible for putting security measures in place.

CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 5 thoughts

CSI:Cyber episode 5 titled “Hack E.R.” dealt with the hacking of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is the wirelessly internet connected things like fridges, house thermostats, cars and in this episode medical devices. As more and more things become connected to the internet. These things become targets and susceptible to hacking.

It doesn’t matter if you like the new Star Wars movie

I grew up when the original trilogy of Star Wars was the only one that existed. I’ve watched all of the movies from the original 3 to the the new ones released in the 90s-2000s. I know the characters, I know the story, I’ve read the comics and I’d consider myself very knowledgable about Star Wars. I’m not hardcore though, I don’t know that a Bantha is what Sand People ride. There are others out there who know that and tons of other things about the movies. They are true Star Wars die hards. Yet it wont matter if they like the new movie.