The Kim Kardashian Factor

I listened to an interview of Kim Kardashian by Kara Swisher on the podcast Recode Replay. You can watch the interview at Recode. What I realized from the interview is that Kim Kardashian is a very savy business woman. If it was any other woman in hollywood, Reese Witherspoon or Halle Berry for instance, they would be hailed as great role models and top notch business women. Why then isn’t Kim Kardashian seen in that same light?

You might bring up the fact that she had a sextape and say that’s how she became famous. Perhaps you might bring up the fact that her family is on reality TV. Sex is a part of life and she was not the only one to profit from the sextape. Her family is also not the first and only celebrity family doing a reality show. Yet other families get or have gotten positive reactions to their shows. So why the hate? I can’t really put my finger on why Kim Kardashian and her family are villified. However Kim wasn’t consumed by the hate and instead used it to her advantage. She has let people and the media portray her and her family as vapid air heads and in this way they severely underestimate her. Floyd Mayweather is not someone I go around quoting but he said something that is a perfect illustration here. He said that no matter who his opponent is he never underestimates them. He trains at the peak of his ability regardless and just look at his fight record. By underestimating her it allows her to take advantage of oppurtunities without scrutiny. Do you know how much she made from her mobile game? You probably didn’t even know she had a mobile game. I didn’t know either but just the fact that it’s out there and it’s been highly successful is impressive. She understands social media and media in general. She takes advantage of it to propel whatever she is selling to envious heights. She does have fans, millions of followers and the reality show remains on the air so lots of people are watching. 

I will say that her family do appear materialistic. But in a world where as over-used as YOLO is there is no deeper truth. You do only get one life to live and if you don’t enjoy the things you have now then when will you? When you look at it that way can you fault them for enjoying trips to exotic destinations, driving fancy cars, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry? Driving a Bugatti is definitely on my bucket list but it probably will never happen. My wife has definitely never worn a $20K dress. So where’s the harm in enjoying the finer things in life if you can afford them? Plus I’m pretty sure they aren’t the only ones in Hollywood enjoying an extravagant lifestyle. I mean have you watched #RKOBH, though they do also get a bit of hate too. OK, sure with hundreds of millions in the bank it might seem greedy or wasteful that they don’t use that money to help the less fortunate. While you are thinking about that though how many CEOs, actors, athletes, investors, musicians and models are millioinaires or billionaires. They all have the means to help the less fortunate too.

I’m just saying love her or hate her Kim Kardashian West is one savvy business woman.