CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 4 Thoughts

Season 2 has been a huge step up in the quality of the show for me. There are still some things that I think could be ironed out and make the show even stronger though.

Episode 4 titled “Red Crone” was about two boys who were duped by a pedophile into setting out on a quest to find Red Crone. The episode was very interesting for me and there were just minor niggles that annoyed me. The show still seems to be rushing through the episodes for me. They don’t go as in depth as I would like them to on certain things. Now this episode puts the spotlight on Brody and Raven’s budding relationship and introduces a new one as well. I’ve said it before but relationships are a great way to pull in viewers. We start to care about the characters and keep track of the way the relationship is unfolding.

If you look at a show like Grey’s Anatomy which is a top running show. The entire show is all about relationships and the medicine is just the backdrop really. I like that they are taking a slow approach to Brody and Raven’s relationship because if you concentrate on it there are only so many episodes until that relationship will conclude or get stale. We are also getting hints of Daniel having what might be the beginning of a relationship with the FBI agent from the Virginia office. What I didn’t like is that no attention was drawn to that in the episode. The great camaraderie between Daniel and Brody means Daniel should have said something to Brody. Then Brody doesn’t believe him because the agent seems to be out of his league. Then she shows up for their dinner date and Brody gives him a pound and says “Playa Playa”. It’s just a great way to introduce what might be a new relationship in the show. In terms of Brody and Raven we get some jealousy when Brody notices a text message from a guy on her phone. When he asks Raven about it she says it’s none of his business. It brings a little friction to their relationship and you wonder who the guy is and how it will all play out. The relationship is new enough that we don’t know how committed they are to each other or how they view the relationship.

One of the problems I have is that the show seems to rush through things instead of building up things and going in depth. Avery notices Brody and Raven leaving in seperate elevators and tells DB that the two are dating. It’s just one observation and she just knows. She doesn’t say she’s seen weird behaviour for days or weeks now and a closeness between the two that makes her believe they are dating. She sees one thing and bam she knows they are hooking up. When they are trying to find the suspect who created the Red Crone malware it’s not the team’s detective work that leads them to the suspect. It’s a mistake on the suspect’s part that they discover and they find him. It’s a theme that occurs in most if not all of the episodes. The idea that all suspects would be that easy to catch because of their mistakes or that the mistakes would be that blatant is not an easy pill to swallow. Sure it does happen once in awhile based on the skill level of the suspect. However the team is hailed in episodes as catching people on the list of cyber criminals but each case is about a low skilled suspect.

Another thing that annoys me is the repititon and explanation of terms or devices by DB. In this episode when they talk about VPN he says what it means and explains the meaning of the term. It would be less annoying if they were to work the explanation into the story. Instead of him regurgitating the term and it’s meaning. You could have Daniel say something like “virtual private networks have become popular with users wishing to remain anonymous. They use the app on their phone to connect to a server which then uses a different IP and makes it look like they are browsing from a different location.”. Work it into the story so users actually learn what it is and does without being just fed a technical reference from Wikipedia word for word.

Apart from those things though this was a pretty solid episode for me. The interaction between Avery and DB when they try to name the Brody/Raven couple Nelven in the Brangelina/Kimye fashion is funny and nods to pop culture. The jealousy between Brody and Raven which gets resolved and leads to some further back story on Raven develops both their relationship and her character. The interaction between Mundo and his daughter when she notices something is different with grandpa. Then a scene with him and his dad where they both come to terms with the fact that his dad has cancer is great. Mundo gets heavy handed beating the crap out of the pedophile. He didn’t wait for backup when Avery told him and she has also noticed his increased hostility. It leads to Avery grounding Mundo which is interesting for future episodes. I also like when they show different terms along with the meanings based on the episode. This episode brought up the term Script Kiddie.

I enjoyed the episode. Some scenes made me laugh, some made me smile, some made me think.