It doesn’t matter if you like the new Star Wars movie

I grew up when the original trilogy of Star Wars was the only one that existed. I’ve watched all of the movies from the original 3 to the the new ones released in the 90s-2000s. I know the characters, I know the story, I’ve read the comics and I’d consider myself very knowledgable about Star Wars. I’m not hardcore though, I don’t know that a Bantha is what Sand People ride. There are others out there who know that and tons of other things about the movies. They are true Star Wars die hards. Yet it wont matter if they like the new movie.

When the new trilogy came out starting with Episode I in 99 many people compared it to the original trilogy. They complained that it ruined Star Wars and it wasn’t as good as the originals that were made decades before. The problem as I see it is that the comparison between the trilogies could never be fairly determined. Simply because of the huge time difference between them. The change in technology would make it difficult to compare the movies head to head based on special effects. When most people compared them I’m willing to bet that the nostalgia propped the original trilogy to lofty heights. Heights that the new trilogy could never reach in that person’s mind. The thing is, we don’t matter. It’s the younger generation coming up now for whom these movies are their introduction to the Star Wars universe. Sure they might watch the older movies but when they do they wont have the same nostalgic feeling. They will be comparing it to the current movies in terms of special effects and by their standards the new movies will seem better.

This new generation will become the Star Wars die hards. They will be the ones that read the comics, watch the cartoons, buy the toys and games. They are the ones that the movie is being catered to and we are just a side benefit. I was never in the camp that hated the new trilogy. I liked it because to me it made the story make sense. It showed how Darth Vader became Darth Vader! The original trilogy to me was like a story that started in the middle. I wanted to know how the hell it got there in the first place. When my younger brother watched Episode I he became an instant fan of Star Wars. He loved the character of Anakin Skywalker and knew that he would eventually become Darth Vader. However when he watched Episode III even though he knew it was coming he cried in the theater when Anakin started to turn to the darkside. Anakin had become his Luke Skywalker and the idea of him becoming the bad guy disappointed him. This is the type of reaction the makers want new fans to have with these films. I also guarantee you that he didn’t have the same reaction watching the original trilogy.

Now I look at my youngest brother and my 2 year old son and I realize that they are the ones Star Wars: The Force Awakens is made for. They are the ones that will grow up with these characters. They will know this story and probably one day will watch the two trilogies that came before. But I bet it wont have the same emotional attachment for them. So yes, it doesn’t matter if you or I like the new Star Wars movie because we are not its intended audience.