CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 5 thoughts

CSI:Cyber episode 5 titled “Hack E.R.” dealt with the hacking of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is the wirelessly internet connected things like fridges, house thermostats, cars and in this episode medical devices. As more and more things become connected to the internet. These things become targets and susceptible to hacking.

The episode was great for bringing this some attention. In an industry like the medical industry there are so many possibilities where malicious behaviour has very bad consequencies. The episode mostly takes place in a hospital where the system and all medical devices have been taken over. A message claiming to be from the hacking collective “Grey Ruin” warns that until the $5 million demand is paid a patient will die after 4 hours. Before the team headed out to the hospital Avery was approached by a younger woman who said she spoke with Avery’s ex husband. Avery looks baffled who the young woman is and once the excitement of the case starts the woman walks away. Mundo is still on lock down due to his actions in the previous episode. Avery takes both Raven and Brody along with DB out to the hospital. Raven says it doesn’t seem like “Grey Ruin” and Body agrees.  Avery advises the chief of staff not to pay the ransom because the attack has a personal motive behind it.

The episode gives us a bit of backstory on DB’s character. One of the patients, in a coma, at the hospital was his former partner. Raven and Brody do some great technical work. I’m really enjoying the increase in the use of Brody’s technical skill on the show. We get a great interaction between Mundo and Artie who himself is a funny character and lightened the episode up a little. We get some more backstory when we find out later that the woman at the beginning of the episode was Avery’s daughter’s bestfriend. Avery and her husband split after the death of their daughter. Now we find out that the friend’s mother was Avery’s daughter’s nanny and also driving the car when the accident happened. There were some great interactions between the characters. A bit of quirkiness with the introduction of Artie.

The things I had problems with in this episode. Who came up with the name of the hacker collective? The name sucks! You can get a list on Wikipedia of hacker groups and you’ll see names like 414s, Chaos Computer Club, Cicada 3301, CyberVor, Dark0de and ofcourse Anonymous. The names just have a certain ring to them and some have a certain meaning behind it. So seriously, Grey Ruin, come on it would take me 2 seconds to think of something like “Shadow Society” since the image they used is a bunch of faceless people standing in the shadows. It might seem like an insignificant thing but damn it only takes a second of thought so why do something that sucks? The episode again felt rushed to me. There were so many details that would have been cool to show. Like the fact that the doctor, who was behind everything, had some serious computer skills. They could have used some flashbacks or shown her in the shadows doing her thing without showing her face. I also feel like they should have paid a bit more focus on the hacking of the IoT aspect of the story. I feel like that got a bit lost in the whole story. Apart from Artie arguing about how dangerous it is there was no real highlight of it or the dangers it presents. Finally I felt that the reasoning they used for the doctor was cliche and weak. The plan was very crafty and the team seemed to be hitting roadblocks when they tried to figure out who was doing it. However the doctor’s whole “I’ve given years to this hospital and I didn’t get the chief of staff job” speech. It’s been done before over and over in both movies and TV shows. The whole I’ve worked for years at this job so I decided to become a dirty cop, or a doctor who kills innocent people. I’m not saying it might not happen in real life I’m just saying they could have done something a little different.

I enjoyed the episode but in Season 2 so far this is probably one of my least favorite. The problems I had with the episode took away from it a bit for me.