CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 6 thoughts

CSI:Cyber episode 6 “Gone in 6 seconds” continues the theme of hacking of the Internet of Things(IoT). In the previous episode it was connected medical devices in a hospital. In this episode it’s the hacking of cars, which are more connected every day. Again this brings attention to the topic of car hacking. If anyone thinks this is a gimmick created for the show, something new or something that doesn’t need attention yet. They really need to read this Wired article about just how real this can get. The automobile manufacturers can’t be trusted to get this right. They are more concerned with profits from providing constant connectivity to our always online world. They want to be first to the table with the feature and most of them underestimate how skilled and motivated hackers are out there. They are opening up cars to exploits and we need to hold them responsible for putting security measures in place.


5 Tips for countering a car hack (Wired)

The episode had obvious elements of the Fast and Furious movies. Which is pretty cool considering Shad Moss, who plays Brody, was in Tokyo Drift a movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. The title of the episode is also a clever nod to “Gone in 60 seconds” another famous car movie. The episode follows a streetrace in which one of the cars is being controlled remotely by “Smokescreen”. The car he is controlling escapes the cops that bust up the streetrace and then crashes head on into traffic. The other driver in the streetrace we find out later is an undercover cop a la Fast and Furious. She is trying to get into a gang in order to bust them for narcotics trafficking. The team find the mod box on the crashed 350Z that Smokescreen was using to control the car. It uses a SIM card inside but they are unable to track the hacker because his burner phone is already offline. Smokescreen hacks another car with the driver in the car this time and takes it on a high speed chase through traffic. The team finds another mod box in the car but again are unable to track Smokescreen. I liked a lot of things in this episode. The nod to Fast and Furious was great since it’s a movie franchise I like. If you like the Fast and Furious franchise did the meet up between Carmen and Mundo look familiar? Anyway the team worked great together and there were ofcourse references to pop culture things like Grand Theft Auto and Grand Turismo. We get another appearance by Artie who was in the previous episode. I don’t know if he will keep popping up but he’s a very funny, quirky character. At the end of the episode the Director shows up in Avery’s office. He’s been looking for an Assistant Director ever since she turned down the postion. The Director tells Avery that he understands that she wants to remain in the field and as Assistant Director she can do that if she wants. He wants her to take the position and he was not taking no for an answer.

There were only a handful of moments in the episode where I had issues. My first thought, which admittedly, I don’t know is correct or not. If someone hacks a car is the ignition or emergency brake not still accessible? The emergency brake is still manual to my thinking and when that sucker is pulled up. Well the car aint going anywhere fast that is for sure. Another thing, Carmen, the undercover cop, gives Mundo a USB key with the contents of the gang leader’s computer. It’s been encrypted but the techs in her department were unable to crack it. It just seems a little unbelievable to me that the police force wouldn’t have techs sophisticated enough to do it. The next thing I had a problem with was when Carmen didn’t show up for the race with Smokescreen. Mundo was worried her cover might have been blown. Avery says “First we get Smokescreen then we will look for Carmen”, to me that was pretty cold. You’re talking about the life of a police officer that might be in jeopardy. All minor things though, they didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the episode.