CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 7 thoughts

Episode 7 “Corrupted Memory” deals with the horrific murder of a woman, Isabel, while her parents watch via videochat. A neighbour, Tristan, who saw the attack happening is unable to help ID the killer because of his situational amnesia. As the team works on the case they discover different things that take them down a rabbit hole. While Avery questions Tristan she starts to develop a profile of him and he becomes a suspect because of his behaviour. He remembers that the attacker took his mask off but can’t remember the face of the attacker. The team heads to Isabel’s apartment in order to look for clues. They find out that her laptop was infected with Malware. The malware they discover, was introduced to the laptop via a sextoy she used to keep a sexual connection with her long distance boyfriend. While Avery tries showing Tristan pictures of the men in Isabel’s life trying to help his memory. The team also figure out that Isabel’s videochat, WeChat, was being hacked. They trace the source of the hack to a wifi network and figure out that it was Tristan doing it. They get into his apartment and discover that he hadn’t been outside of the apartment for years. He considered the people in the WeChat sessions the hacked his “family”.

We get more backstory on Brody when his older brother shows up at the FBI offices. Brody is pissed off because when he was arrested Brody asked his brother to represent him in court. His brother told him he couldn’t help him and pointed to the door. Now that the FBI are investigating one of his clients he shows up wanting to contact Brody. The brother asks Brody to look into it and just give him a heads up. Brody seems conflicted between the way he was treated by his brother and still wanting to help him. He asks Daniel if he would have helped his sister if he could have before she got arrested. Daniel says he would have without any hesitation. Then Brody uses Daniel’s login while he’s not looking to look up the case. It makes us wonder if he will help his brother. At the end of the episode though we find out that he doesn’t help his brother. He is both hurt by the way his brother treated him and also it would probably cause problems for Brody to give his brother any sort of warning.

There was only one thing in the episode that bothered me really. When the team is in Isabel’s apartment and Mundo fingerprints her laptop. He is able to tell that all the swirls on the laptop looked the same and probably belong to the victim. He was able to do it right there and without close inspection using any kind of tools. I continue to like the episodes of the second season. More backstories on the characters and building relationships. I think the use of gimmicky special effects has been cut down and the ones used are very complimentary to the episode. The episodes are bringing attention to things that everyday users may not know put them at risk. I’m definitely excited to see where this is going and hoping the show gets better and better.