CSI:Cyber Season 1 Episode 11 thoughts

I got a chance to watch Episode 11 from Season 1 the other day. I haven’t watched all 13 episodes of the first season yet so this was one more down in that quest. It was great because there is a clear difference in the episodes between Season one and two for me. The episode had the same annoying “technical” graphics that was abundant in the first season. MacNicol was still a part of the cast and as usual his presence in scenes were great. There was a great scene with Mundo and his GF or wife also his daughter’s mother. They were back together after splitting up but they were both in disagreement about telling their daughter. It is a little backstory into the couple but Mundo’s relationship with her is not really dealt with in Season 2. 

The episode centered around online gaming. It starts with players in an online first person shooter (FPS). The game was modelled after Call of Duty. A player in the game gets a message in the game asking him to check his porch. He then gets a location on his smartphone to take the package in the box. The teenage boy gets curious when he gets there and opens the box. He finds a drill in the case but when he drops it the gun hidden inside the drill casing goes off shotting him in the chest. The team is brought in on the case because the gun inside the drill casing is the trademark of an arms dealer on the Deep Web named “Trigger”. Avery talks to the boy, Spencer’s parents while Brody and Daniel check his devices. They don’t find anything until they get back to CTOC and Raven tells them to check the game console. They then find out that a user, Viper75 hacked Spencer’s profile to wipe out his game inventory. Then Viper75 befriended Spencer and sent him game inventory to help him rise back up the leaderboard of the game. Viper75 then asked Spencer to do a real life “quest” that he would reward him for with in game items once completed. The team searches the leaderboard for other players with the same characteristics. Mundo brings in another teenage boy who fit the profile but by the time he was brought in the package had already been delivered. Avery and Mundo head to the location where they find Ramsey Scott dead. Ramsey Scott’s house was where Spencer delivered the package before looking inside. The team determines that Viper75 is ordering the guns from Trigger and having them delivered at his target’s location. The team pinpoints Trigger’s location at the public library. They head there and take him down while he is accessing his website. Avery and Mundo figure out where another one of the guns was delivered. We see Viper75 get the gun out of the casing and then Avery walks out in front of him in the alleyway. Viper75 pulls the gun on her but Mundo and Avery were already there and removed the bullets from the clip of the gun. Viper75 targetted Ramsey Scott and another woman because they both testified in his father’s trial. 

Like I said the episode was a good reminder of the difference in quality between season one and two. I want to see all 13 episodes of Season 1 so now I only have episodes 1-5 and 13 left to see.