My iPad Pro is gone :_(

When the first iPad was released I knew I had to have one and I knew exactly why. Some struggled to figure out where it fit in calling it “a big iPhone”. As time went on and apps were developed to take advantage of the screen more and more people needed an iPad. I felt the same way recently when I heard about the iPad Pro. I knew I had to have one and I knew exactly why. I work in the IT field and one thing that I have come to love is working remotely. One of the big drawbacks when I do it on my iPad Mini has been its resolution. I end up zooming and panning it’s pretty tiresome. Immediately I knew it was the first thing I wanted to try on the iPad Pro.

I sold my iPhone 6 and went back to my iPhone 5s believing I could bare the pain until the iPhone 7. I got a 128GB iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The first thing that hit me when it arrived is how massive it was. I have been using an iPad Mini for about two years now so the iPad Air looks big every time I see it. When I first opened the box the iPad Pro looked gargantuan. The first thing I had to try was connecting remotely. It was way better than the experience with my iPad Mini. It was pretty much what I expected and exactly the reason I knew I wanted one. What surprised me is how much I loved reading comics on the iPad Pro. I read my comics in the Comic Phreak app and it was just glorious on the big screen. Writing with the Apple Pencil was pretty much what I always dreamed it should be like. There was almost no lag as I wrote in cursive. It was so good at following that even when there was lag I just kept writing because by then I trusted the pencil to get it right. Using apps in split screen was great though it needs some major improvements and more support. Since this is a 1.0 product I’m sure that will come in time. Another thing that became indespensible but needs more apps supporting it was the ability to pop out video. I could write blog posts while watching the videos I was writing the post about. But I was surprised that only the built in Video app is able to do it. I thought for sure at the very least the Youtube app would have the capability. After using it more and more the massive size that once stunned me became pretty much irrelevant.

The problem for me was that at the same time it was so hard to use the damn iPhone 5s. I mean it was weird because before the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s was what I owned, used and loved for a whole year. But now it was different, I was spoiled by using the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s’ smaller screen was painful, the 5s felt slow and I had forgotten that it was the only iPhone I ever owned with 16GBs of storage. I couldn’t use it. There were a few times when I had to transfer my pictures because I was running out of space to take new ones. I had to cut down my apps to the bare essentials to conserve on space. I started contemplating whether I should return the iPad Pro and upgrade to an iPhone 6s. To the credit of the iPad Pro it definitely wasn’t an easy decision. I flip flopped many times. I wanted to think that I was strong enough to hold out until the iPhone 7. Then I would use the iPad Pro and I would decide to keep it. But then I would use the iPhone 5s again and it just became more and more unbearable each time. I think the 16GBs of storage affected me more than the size of the screen did but combined it was a deadly package.

The kicker came when my wife got me an Apple Watch for christmas. It forced me to really stop and think about things. I use my iPhone everyday for probably 80% of the day if not more. I definitely did not use the iPad as much though I did use it pretty much every day as well. It was clear, I made up my mind right then. I knew what I had to do, I would return the iPad Pro and get an iPhone 6s. I tried to console myself with the thought that I would get the iPad Pro 2. The apps that take advantage of the Pro’s features would be even more plentiful by then and with newer hardware it would be an even better deal. I still miss it though. Every time I pull out my iPad Mini to read a comic or have to unpack and login to my laptop to remote in to a computer. The plan is to get an iPad Pro 2 instead of updating my MacBook Pro. Who knows if it will go down exactly like that the iPhone 7 or whatever MacBook Pro update comes out is goign to be pretty tempting.

The gallery below shows the iPad Pro. The iPhone 6s box is in some of the images to give an idea of scale and how massive the iPad Pro really is.