*Spoiler Alert* Star Wars: The Force Awakens *Spoiler Alert*

If you didn’t catch it in the title of the post, Spoiler Alert. I’m about to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (TFA). I saw the movie yesterday and I’m about to talk about what I thought of the movie and my ideas for the questions that still remain. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want spoilers close this page now!

I’ve seen all six Star Wars movies. I know there are people out there who have criticized the newer trilogy, Episodes I-III. I’m not in that camp I love all six movies. I love them for different reasons but I love them all. The first trilogy introduced me to the characters and the whole story of Star Wars. After that though for me personally I wondered what made Darth Vader, Darth Vader! After all he was Luke and Leia’s father so what happened to turn him to the darkside? The next trilogy, Episodes I-III told me that story. I was introduced to Anakin Skywalker who I instantly loved. Then I got to see how Anakin went from training to become a Jedi, possibly the prophesied Jedi who would bring balance to the force, then becoming Darth Vader. A Sith lord and father of another, strong with the force, Luke Skywalker. The second trilogy showed me how the original trilogy came to be. Now Episode VII “The Force Awakens” has continued my love of Star Wars. While I watched it the movie felt like it included things for the hardcore Star Wars fans but also introduced new characters for the new generation discovering Star Wars.

The movie for me introduced just as many interesting questions as it did answers. I know that some criticized Episodes I-III movies for going in depth trying to explain everything. But I think it needed to be that way in order to now allow this movie to introduce new questions that will be answered later. The Force Awakens does a lot of interesting things that were very Star Wars. Darth Vader, the villain, was Luke and Leia’s father, Luke being the hero. While in The Force Awakens Kylo Ren, the villian, is Han Solo and Leia’s son and in this movie Han Solo the father is the hero. I think the questions that we are left with after Episode VII are great. It keeps us wanting and excited for the next movie.I loved this movie and I can’t wait for the other movies coming. What questions am I left with after this movie? I want to know who are Rey’s parents and who was she waiting for on Jakku? Who Finn’s ancestors might possibly be? What will happen to Chewbacca now that Han Solo is dead? Is Han Solo really dead? Will Kylo Ren redeem himself? Does Luke Skywalker play a big part in the upcoming movies? I have my own theories as do many fans which you can find all over the internet. Also perhaps the sequence where Rey picks up the lighsaber and has a vision went by too fast for me. But I feel like it was a little teaser of what’s to come in Episode VIII or beyond. We see Luke’s mechanical hand reaching out to R2D2 in a dying motion. It looked like there was also lava there reminiscent of the fight scene between Anakin and Obi Wan in Episode III. Rey, Chewbacca and R2D2 are on the planet with Luke. Han Solo also said that if he and Chewbacca were able to track the Millenium Falcon the First Order must be able to do it too. We also know that the First Order has the rest of the map from the archives of the Empire. So I feel like after Kylo Ren goes to Snoke to finish his training and become a Sith lord. The First Order general may say they know the location of the Millenium Falcon. Luke is going to train Rey just like Yoda trained Luke. Although Rey is strong with the force I think she will hold back during the training. Kylo Ren will go to the planet and face off against Luke. This is where everything goes fuzzy for me because as everyone has commented online Kylo Ren seems to be very un-focused. Although powerful he was bested by Rey who is not trained or fully aware of her training. Him facing off against Luke who is a Jedi Master and strong with the force. I don’t see how Kylo Ren would be able to defeat and kill Luke. I do think Luke will die at some point. Just like how Han Solo died in TFA Luke will die in this new set of movies. He is a hero of the classic trilogy and these new characters like Rey and Finn are to continue the legacy. In order for that to happen the older characters must die.    

Here are my ideas of some answers to the questions I have. Throughout the entire movie I felt like Rey was Luke Skywalker’s daughter. Rey lives on a planet and scraps junk for food rations. She is a natural pilot and a natural at fixing things, very much like Anakin. She was called to Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber which was also once Anakin’s lightsaber. The problems I have with that theory is who’s Luke’s love interest and Rey’s mother? and Why would Luke leave his daughter on Jakku for so long while he stayed in seclusion? Also if she was Luke’s daughter wouldn’t Han and Leia know, suspect or even feel it when they are around her? The other theory which I did briefly feel during the movie is Rey could be Ben Solo/Kylo Ren’s sister. Luke and Leia are brother and sister without knowing until well into the original trilogy. This time however things were not the same in the galaxy as it was with Anakin and Padme. So how would Leia and Han not know she is their daughter? The whole thing is so open though anything could happen. In the comics Leia becomes friends with a Republic security officer Evaan, which I could see becoming Luke’s love interest. In Episode I we also discovered the force will find a way. Anakin had no father and so who knows Luke could have found Rey as a baby in his travels. Anakin’s mom was left behind on Tatooine and married a farmer. Perhaps Rey is the daughter of one of her other kids and would be Luke and Lei’s half cousin. There are just so many possibilities! Another theory I read online that I liked is that Rey was one of the padawans Luke was training to rebuild the Jedi Order. When Ben Solo betrayed him some of the padawans were hidden and their memory wiped in order to keep them safe. It would explain why she goes from just exhibiting the force to actually using it. It would also explain why she was left on Jakku and also able to best Kylo Ren in the lighsaber fight.

Kylo Ren was the next thing I was confused about. I know that it was established by Leia that Snoke was trying to corrupt him from a very early point. However how would Ben Solo who becomes Kylo Ren not know about the story of Darth Vader? Vader was his grandfather and he knows it. Why then wouldn’t he know that Vader was a Sith lord who then defied the emporer to save his son and the galaxy. It was also a different time when Anakin turned to the darkside and became Darth Vader. He did it in order to have the power to protect Padme from death. What would pull Ben to the darkside? He was being trained by Luke to be a Jedi and it’s hard for me to see why he would betray his uncle and turn to the darkside. Ben seems to be very angry and jealous like he’s always wanted his parent’s love. But his parents love him unconditionally so I don’t understand where so much of his anger and insecurity comes from. There is a 50/50 chance that Ben as Kylo Ren could turn to the light and make the ultimate sacrifice of himself. I say it’s a 50/50 chance because that is the same thing that Darth Vader did. In order to not go the same route with Kylo Ren the writers could just make him into the ultimate bad guy. Before Han Solo died he told Ben/Kylo Ren that Snoke was using him for his powers and would discard him once his usefullness was done. If Kylo thinks the same way once his training is done he could turn on Snoke and eliminate him. It would cement his transition to the darkside and could make him strong enough to face Luke. This would create the posibility of a long running series of movies as Rey and Kylo Ren face off as the light and dark sides of the force.

Which leads to my next question is Han Solo really dead? I think he is for a number of reasons. I know Han has been almost killed many times in the original trilogy. Who can forget when he was encassed in Carbonite. However in real life Harrison Ford has often wanted to be over and done with the role. Like I said before in order for this new characters to take up the mantle of the Star Wars franchise the old characters have to make their exit. Han’s death was done in a way that was an honor to his character. He died in a way that many fans who are now parents will understand. He died trying everything in his power to bring his son back from the darkside. He made the ultimate sacrifice reaching out to Ben Solo and trying to bring him back. This leads to the next question on my mind what happens to Chewbacca? Chewbacca has been a loyal friend and Han’s co-pilot since the beginning. Now with Han gone I feel like the character will be lost. Does he continue to be in the upcoming movies or does he head off on his own adventures. I feel like Rey will inherit the Millenium Falcon and perhaps Chewbacca as her co-pilot and protector. I just don’t know.

My next question is Finn’s ancestry. Some have theories that he could be related to either Mace Windu or Lando. Others have also debunked those theories since Mace Windu died many years before TFA happend and although Lando probably sowed many wild oats. It’s hard to believe that he would let his progeny be taken by the Empire now the First Order. Some have said that he could be a completely new character to the Star Wars Universe about to make his own mark. I feel that if his ancestry didn’t factor into things he wouldn’t have mentioned that he was taken from his family as a baby. Finn seems to have the force within him being able to shoot down TIE fighters in the Millenium Falcon and also fighting with Skywalker’s lightsaber. Though Mace Windu died perhaps his brother/sister or offspring grew up and that could be Finn’s lineage. I mean sure it could go either way but I just feel like the mention of how he was captured was a hint at something more. It is obvious that Finn and Rey have an attraction to each other. It will be very interesting to see where Episode VIII takes things. 

There you have it my enjoyment of the movie and excitement about what is to come. I’m a Star Wars fan but would not be considered hardcore. These opinions might seem pretty silly to some and in that case just chalk them up to rantings from a noob. Anyway, Episode VIII I’m so there!

May the Force be with you….