CSI: Cyber Season 2 Episode 11 thoughts

So far this season, this episode is the one that disappointed me the most. There were too many things I felt didn’t make sense or could have been done better. The episode to me felt like a filler episode or one that wasn’t thought out very well.

Starting off the biggest issue for me was that Raven didn’t seem to have a problem with Avery. Coming off the previous episode there was such a big deal made about Raven’s hearing. There seemed to be some real tension between her and Avery after the hearing. Due to Avery’s testimony and the fact that Raven would have to serve the rest of her sentence at the cyber division. Then in this episode it’s just business as usual. There was not even the slightest hint of tension between the two. Which I think is a huge lost oppurtunity. Even a scene at the beginning with Raven and Brody talking about the hearing and Raven asking Brody if he thinks the team trusts them. But there was nothing and that really disappointed me.

There were good moments don’t get me wrong. Daniel makes a date with Agent Pierce, which is a hint of a potential developing relationship. Brody and Daniel meet Emitt Smith which leads to a hilarious conversation and a good laugh. Brody and Daniel work together in the episode but equally which is a welcomed change to me. In the episode a plane disappears and while the team tries to find a suspect by going through all the passengers on the plane. I like how the co-pilot is made to look like he is the hijacker. It’s a nice diversion along with all the other possible suspects the team highlight from passengers on the plane. Artie is in this episode and from the beginning I thought he might become a regular on the show. He brings a little humor to the episodes along with added technical knowledge. Near the end of this episode I like that Artie’s character is evolving. He goes from the crazy nutjob in the episode where he was introduced. Then to a more comedic role where he introduced some lightness and humor to the episode. Now in this episode while he still adds humorous moments. He gets a little more serious when he is helping the team and when he asks out Avery.

In this episode for me though the issues were just too numerous. The US Marshall on the flight doesn’t know who the hijacker is when she approaches him. Yet the US Marshall who meets with Avery knows exactly who the hijacker is when Avery shows her the picture. Even saying the hijacker’s name without any more information from Avery. Also why would the team tell the ex-military passenger to take the computer from the hijacker before talking to the captain? The passenger could have let the captain know what was going on. It would have also been an easy way to explain how the captain knew to pull out the onboard computer at the last minute. Why does the ex-military passenger approach the hijacker and demand the computer back? The whole action to me seemed to be filled with swagger like more of an action hero than someone with military training. Then the fact that the fighter jets escorting the plane send a distress signal and the captain immediately knows he should pull the onboard computer? I just thought the episode could have gone a lot better from my point of view.

I have written a few science fiction books. They may not be published but the process is always the same. Once I have finished a draft I go back through it again to find gapping plot holes or elements of the story that don’t make sense. I can’t see how in this episode the writers would have missed these issues after reading through it again. After the difference in quality this season from the first. I really hope this was just a one time thing. I am also still holding out hope that in the coming episodes the relationship between Raven and Avery will be explored. I feel like at this point however that will not happen and that’s a shame.