iPhone 7 redesign rumors

header image courtesy of MacRumors

The latest rumors about the iPhone 7 are that the antennae bands will be redesigned and the protruding camera will become flush. Neither of these things bothered me and I owned the iPhone 6 and 6s. But I’m probably a minority in that though so this could be good news.

Anyone that follows Apple knows that until they show off the phone onstage rumors are just that, rumors. I do feel like these two things have a very high probability¬†of actually happening. The antennae bands will be redesigned so that the horizontal bands are removed from the back of the phone. The bands will still be present along the edges. Personally I think it’s a really nice design. It works with the colors of the iPhone, I like it. The next rumor says the camera will now be flush with the casing of the phone. They are able to do it by using a smaller module. Another change that didn’t bother me but is a nice change. Below you see a rendering courtesy of MacRumors.