What is up with DC Comics

I’ve been into comics since high school. I got out of it and then recently, more than a year ago, got back into it. I collect and read comics from Marvel, Image and DC primarily. The majority of which are Marvel because I grew up on Marvel and was only introduced to DC about two years ago. I do enjoy DC titles though and have my favorites in their universe. Which is why I have to ask WTF is up with DC lately?

I know that art is a subjective thing. Even stories, I mean there are billions of people out there so no story is going to please everyone. However this is my personal blog so I get to personally rant about stuff. My first problem is the art work on some of the latest DC books. Like WTF is up with that? Yes I thought it was stupid when they changed Superman’s outfit to this jeans and T-Shirt attire but I get the storyline. However the art work on two books I was reading recently was horrible. Superman looks like a mess. I get that he doesn’t have his powers like before. Hes down about it, he’s scruffy but really does that mean the artwork has to make him look ridiculous? A Harley book I was reading, loved the story but the artwork just kept pulling me out of it. Panels where the sketch lines were left in. I don’t know what kind of look they were going for with it but it looked like crap to me.

Let’s get back to Superman. What are they doing with him? Admittedly I never like Batman in the comics. I always thought the character was a douchebag. I’m definitely #teamsupes and maybe that’s why it hit me this hard. I look at Superman as an inspirational character. He has all this power but he only uses it for good and to protect the world. Now in this storyline with him losing most of his powers and Bruce Wayne not around as Batman. I feel like they are trying to make Clark the next Batman. There’s all these references of “Batman never did things alone”, Superman using Batgear. He is not relying on his super powers but is more human and still trying to be a hero. I never understood this whole comics and movies should be more realistic. It’s a fantasy, it’s supposed to be un-real, engage the imagination. Who cares if Superman always wears the same clothes or doesn’t use GPS. In my opinion if you want reality read a newspaper or watch a documentary. Anyway I keep reading hoping Superman will get his powers back.

Here’s hoping they get the art back on track. You can see some samples in the gallery below.