CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 12 thoughts

This episode was a return to the normal quality I have come to expect from Season 2. I enjoyed it, didn’t have too many issues at all. It wasn’t an episode that knocked me out like a few others this season. I’m hoping for some more of those before the season ends. There still wasn’t any tension between Raven and any of the cyber team. Which is a point I will probably keep harping on. The reason being that for me the Shades of Grey episode was a big deal. I just don’t understand, why make it a big deal and then just drop it like it’s hot? In this episode Avery stands up for Brody in a big way. It shows how much she trusts him and I think it’s definitely a result of the Shades of Grey episode.

There was also more backstory on Brody’s days as a blackhat. It builds the character and lets us get more familiar with him. The team heads to New York to investigate an issue with the 911 system. While there the mayor talks about Brody’s famous hack that brought down the NYSE. The team figures out they are fighting against a computer virus that is infecting routers and mobile phones. Once infected the virus then prevents the phones from connecting to 911. The team figure out that the virus is being spread from infected wifi routers on city buses. Any phones that connect to the infected routers are then infected. When the owner of the phone calls 911 they get a recorded message pretending to be a 911 operator. After infecting clean phones Brody finds out that even though there is no response the phone calls are still being recorded. There are lots of age based jokes between Brody, Raven and DB this episode. When they talk about the recorded voice, for example, Brody and Raven mention T-Pain and auto-tune which DB has no idead about. Brody and Raven then reverse engineer the recorded voice to get the real recorded voice. They compare it to 9-1-1 operators and find a match. Leo Finch was a 911 operator who was fired for slow response times on emergency calls.

The team head to Leo’s address and find a dead couple in the house. They head downstairs to Leo’s room where they find a laptop with the source code for the virus. Daniel also finds recordings of 911 calls and highlights Leo’s 3 favorites that are the most played. Leo recreated 2 of the 3 calls and is out to recreate the third. Brody uses the source code of the virus to develop a fix to eliminate the virus on mobile phones. DB asks Raven and Brody if they could use the Amber Alert system to distribute the fix. When they tell him that the Amber Alert is only used to deliver alphanumeric text. DB dares them to hack the system to make it work and offers to take all the heat.

There was also the hint of another relationship in this episode when DB meets a woman. He thought it was the woman who has been sending mistaken texts to his phone. I’m still not sure how I feel about the woman being a former secret service agent and currently a private investigator. It feels a little too convenient but at the same time I kind of like where it might lead. The best part of the whole episode for me though was when Daniel asked Brody to tell him where the $8 Million stolen during his NYSE hack is. Brody says he doesn’t know but he is going to find out who did it and put that bastard in jail. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will turn out to be the mayor who stole the money. I don’t have any reason other than a gut feeling. But I hope it is something that does eventually get solved in future seasons. It could be a very interesting cat and mouse chase. Plus it would partially redeem Brody’s reputation. Sort of like a pay off for how far his character has come since working with the cyber division.