Instagram introduces multiple account support

Instagram is owned by Facebook. It’s been awhile now and the app is way behind in terms of features. I have been sending feedback and messages to Facebook about Instagram. Asking for multi-user support, an iPad specific version of the app and Snapchat like filters that are a little more fun. Instagram has Facebook money now so being behind with features is kind of un-forgivable. Well now we got at least one of those features. We now are going to get multi-user support.

This to me was a no brainer. There are Instagram users who have a personal account and a business account. Social network application Twitter has this and it works great. So it was baffling to me that Instagram didn’t have that feature. Now they have added the feature to the latest version of the app. If you have the latest app then you’re halfway there. They need to flip a switch and it will go live. Maybe they are rolling it out slowly or only in the major market, cough US cough, first. I have the latest version of the app and I still don’t have the option yet. If you want to know how to add other accounts the steps are below. Taken from the Instagram blog.