Apple Watch faces

Appleinsider found a job listing by Apple for a new member to the Apple Watch team. This is huge for me because I want new watch faces and I want new complications. One of the things I love to do is customize things. Anyone that knows me knows that I never have a default wallpaper for very long. This is sorely lacking on the Apple Watch for me however.

Apple introduced new Photo and Photo Album watchfaces. The Photo watchface allows a user to choose a picture from their photo album to set as the watchface. While the Photo Album cycles through all the pictures in the album as watchfaces. Except that choosing either of these watchfaces don’t allow the use of any other complications. I can’t even set the color of the time or where it’s shown. The only thing that can be changed is the picture, that’s it. I am dying for Apple to add further customizations to the Photo and Photo Album watchfaces. I want to be able to change colors and placement of the time and date. I want to add complications like any other watchface. I understand that the watch displaying a lot of graphics will use up the battery more. It’s the reason that the built-in watchfaces are very simple, clean and mostly black. This means the display doesn’t need to be lit up with different colors and intricate graphics. However I want to be able to customize. Whether they eventually develop a watchface section of the app store. Where users can submit their designs that follow guidlines from Apple. I don’t know what the solution is I just know what I want and I want it now.

The job listing is probably more for the built-in faces. Which I also want newer and more complications. I love the ones I can add but there are others that I would like to be able to add. Other people have also mentioned the possibility that Apple could join up with watchmaker’s like Swatch, Rolex, Tag Heuer and provide special faces for those brands. There is also the need for an always on watchface or atleast a portion of the screen that is always on with the time. Also when I think about the moving wallpapers like the Apple Watch Motion watchface and the iPhone 6s/6s plus Live Photo wallpapers. Apple builds on the features that they debut on devices. They try features on devices with smaller impact to measure users’ reactions. Then they roll it out to an iPhone or an iPad. The Live Photo backgrounds on the iPhone are great except how often does a user press the screen to see it move? If the wallpaper was always moving then it becomes more cool. Waking up the screen of the iPhone would show the fish swimming around the screen on it’s own. As mentioned before the battery drain issue is the major thing to be overcome with such a feature.

Like I said this announcement makes me very excited. We may not see any of the results in this years update to the WatchOS but at least we know it’s coming. Perhaps in the March event we will learn some more. We’ll have to wait and see.