My most used emojis

I was listening to the iMore podcast recently. One of the things they talked about was their most frequently used emojis. I thought that was so much fun I would do my own post with my most frequent emojis. Emojis are fun to use but with the plethora of emojis available and they are always increasing. It sometimes takes work to find the right emoji to add to your conversation. I use the keyboard shortcut feature of iOS to make this a little easier. I’ll write up a post if I haven’t already on how I do this.

Here are my most frequently used emojis


Canadian Flag – well because I’m Canadian so I use it in my messages or tweets to show my national pride, EH.

Flexing arm – I use this at times to show strength. if I’m making a joke, “you even lift bro?” or just saying it’s time to get down to work.

Thinking smiley – This one is kind of self explanatory but at times when I’m talking about those things that makes you go “hmmmmm” this emoji is perfect.

Candy – I use this to either mean something sweet or actual candy.

Soccer ball – my 2 year old is a huge soccer nut. The emoji turns up in many conversations.

Nose – This one doesn’t get used much so I don’t know why it’s there.

Crying smiley – This one became a part of many conversations and tweets when I returned my iPad Pro. :_(

Clapping hands – I use this when someone says something smart or sarcastically when they say something exceedingly stupid.

Loving smiley – Whenever I message my wife in the morning this is one of my favorite emojis to use.

Open mouthed smiley – This comes out when I’m told something unbelievable.

Wide eyed smiley – When I’m like “Say whatttttt?”, disbelief

Crying teary smiley – This is actually my favorite emoji because I use it instead of lol which for me is ALOT!

Teeth gritting smiley – When I’m told something that makes me say “Oh boy”.

World – I pretty much just use this instead of spelling w-o-r-l-d.

One tear smiley – When I hear sad new.

Gift box – This is the requisite emoji for birthday wishes.

Blushing smiley – This one is for funny, cute conversation with my wife.

Car – Another emoji that I hardly use so I don’t know why it’s there.

Microphone with music notes – My son loves to sing and he’s going to be a superstar so this emoji is a must.

Champagne – Got a lot of use in messages and tweets on the eve of January 1st.

Glass of wine – Another emoji I almost never use.

Question mark – I use it at the end of a question, surprise surprise.

Smiley face – When I’m sending happy messages or tweets.

Tongue out smiley – When I’m poking fun at my wife this emoji comes out.

Nerd smiley – I am almost the spitting image of this emoji, nuff said!

Thumbs up – Used for a good idea or sarcastically on twitter for dumbasses.

Cloud – When I’m talking about The Cloud this emoji is a must.

Fire – I have no idea why that is there hmmmmmmmm.

Upside down smile – This one just looks like a funny emoji so I pull it out at quirky moments.

Shocked smiley – Hard to explain but this one is for the times when something makes me want to smh

There are at least 3 emojis I don’t use regularly that are there. Yet the poo emoji poo emojiwhich I also use ALOT is nowhere to be found?