DC comic’s Rebirth

I made a post a little while back about how horrible I find the artwork on some of DC’s comics. If you didn’t know DC is about to do a relaunch they are calling a “Rebirth”. Some of the current DC comics are going to be cut while others become bi-weekly issues. All fine with me as long as they fix the artwork. I don’t know if it’s because the books need to be published on time and artists are cutting corners. However personally I would like to see the artwork regain its polished style again.

In my previous post you can see examples from Superman and Harley Quinn. Again while reading Aquaman there were panels that were so bad. It caused me to look twice and totally pulled me out of the story for that minute. In one while Wonderwoman shows the polish that I’m used to Aquaman just looks plain wrong. In another panel that shows people walking around a boardwalk. There is a woman with what I am guessing is a child but the face looks like an adult. Is it a little person, a child? I just don’t know. Reading books like Bizarro was a real joy for me. This to me was the perfect example of an enjoyable comic. I enjoy the artwork, the story it is just pure fun and nothing caused me to look twice and go huhhhh? Click the images in the gallery below to see what I’m talking about. I’m hoping that along with the “Rebirth” they are planning on fixing this issue. When I can compare a comic from the 40s and 50s but find the artwork to be of better quality than comics now there’s something wrong. You can call it a relaunch, rebirth, retcon details and re-tell origins. Just fix the muthabeepin’ artwork please!

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