Marvel stole from DC

I’ve been into comics ever since I got my first comic as a young jamaican boy. Back then I had no idea that the stories and superheroes belonged to two separate companies. I didn’t know about DC or Marvel I just liked my superheroes and the stories. Yesterday I was reading and had to read a post about characters Marvel stole from DC and gave a new name.

There are so many similarities between Marvel and DC. One company does a relaunch and just a little time later the other company does a relaunch. I’m sure if you look at today’s popular Marvel and DC superheroes you can find dopplegangers at each company. I bet you may not even know that DC has a Thor, created by Jack Kirby when he worked at DC. Marvel did Secret Wars which was superheroes from different realities on one patchwork planet living and fighting amongst each other. DC did Convergence which was superheroes from different realities on one planet fighting amongst each other. Seeing the similarities yet? Artists, writers and other employees switch from DC to Marvel and vice versa. Jack Kirby worked at both so with that kind of expertise going back and forth things are inevitably going to be similar. My thing is if there are characters from way back when that Marvel copied from DC. Which character is known and popular? If the DC character is obscure then who the Beep cares! It’s still fun as a comic reader, enthusiast, collector to read about it. I will only list them though if you want to know the history visit the post.

The DOOM Patrol (DC June 1963) vs The X-Men (Marvel Sept. 1963)

Doom vs XMen

Win: The X-Men, I mean come on who the hell is the Doom Patrol?!?

Catwoman (DC 1940) vs Black Cat (Marvel 1979)

BlackCat vs Catwoman

Win: Catwoman, Black Cat has grown into a famous character but Catwoman takes this one 

Deathstroke (DC 1980) vs Deadpool (Marvel 1991)

Deathstroke vs Deadpool

Win: Deadpool, the Merc with the mouth always wins!

Amazo (DC 1960) vs Super Adaptoid (Marvel 1966)

Amazo vs Adaptoid

Win: Tie – I don’t really think either of these two are big time

Red Tornado (DC 1963) vs Vision (Marvel 1968)

Tornado vs Vision

Win: Vision hands down, he’s been on the big screen and has his own comic now

Deadshot (DC 1950) vs Bullseye (Marvel 1976)

Deadshot vs Bullseye

Win: Deadshot based on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, I mean damn look at the outfits which one’s more intimidating? It’s not even close!

Captain Boomerang (DC 1960) vs Boomerang (Marvel 1966)

Captain Boomerang vs Boomerang

Win: Tie – both are equally small time

Darkseid (DC 1970) vs Thanos (Marvel 1973)

Thanos vs Darkseid

Win: The DCU and MCU’s major bad asses, but Thanos gets a slight win here because of his movie cameos