iPhone 7 spotted in the wild *Possibly*

Macrumors is reporting about the leaked image of a rumored iPhone 7 Plus. The image was posted on a Chinese website. The leaked image is very interesting but there are still quite a few problems with figuring out if it’s real or not.

The phone looks real, it has elements that have been rumored for the iPhone 7. The antennae bands no longer go across the back of the phone. It looks slim and there are dual lenses in a oval shaped protruding cutout. There is also a smart connector which was introduced with the iPad Pro. Here are the problems though. Since it will be quite awhile until the iPhone 7 will be debuted and released. This may just be one of the many prototypes for the iPhone 7. How did this person get it and was able to take a picture of it nonetheless? We know Apple is very tight with security around their products. At the event coming up on March 21st, just 6 days from now. They are rumored to announce among other things the iPhone SE or iPhone 6c (whatever they decide to call it). There is no way they would want that overshadowed by this leak.

If the picture is really the upcoming iPhone 7. My sense is that the iPhone 7 will not have the dual lens camera system and the protruding bump. Just like the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) was a Plus only feature. I personally feel like the dual lens camera system would be the same. The slightly bigger footprint of the Plus means that the user is less likely to complain about the bump on the back from the camera. The smart connector however I’m a little more iffy about. I wouldn’t write it off totally especially if the rumors of Apple getting rid of the headphone jack are true. The smart connector could be a way to have the iPhone charging while the lightning port is otherwise occupied by headphones or some other kind of connector. Just imagine a Magsafe like connector for the iPhone that connects to the Smart Connector and charges the phone.

Well we’ve got quite a few months to find out if this is truly the iPhone 7. I’m sure there will be other parts leaks before then so we’ll just have to wait and see.