CSI Season 2 Episode 13 thoughts

Episodes of CSI Cyber have been building up on my PVR/DVR lately. I finally had a chance to watch Episode 13 titled “The Walking Dead” the other day. I enjoyed the episode, it was very cleverly done, along with a guest starring role by Kelly Osbourne. The episode built on previous episodes and introduced a potential relationship for Avery. As I’ve said before in my opinion relationships are one of the things that hook viewers. It makes us become invested and care about the characters.

Kelly Osbourne plays Stella Kane, a digital assassin for hire. Once hired she files a death certificate for the victim using a back door on their devices to get their personal information. The episode starts with a man, Andrew Michaels, driving at night when his phone loses reception. He sees a guy mishandling a woman in the road and stops to help. He tells the man that he’s called the cops and they are on the way. After the guy takes off he helps the woman up and offers to give her a lift. A few days later Andrew is stopped at the airport when his passport is flagged due to a death certificate being issued for him. The FBI get called to the airport and we find out that Andrew is Avery’s ex-husband. The team starts to investigate the “digital murder” and find that Andrew is not the first one. Brody examines Andrew’s laptop and finds a backdoor. When he examines the code he gets a hit in the database for Stella Kane. Meanwhile two witnesses at a trial both have death certificates issued for them the night before the trial. Although they are in the courtroom the judge says that legally they are ineligible to testify. A few hours later both witnesses are killed. The district attorney (DA) in the case brings the case to Avery’s cyber division. Daniel and Elijah had arrested Stella before the death certificates were created so they determine there must be another blackhat doing it. Avery approaches Stella to help them find the blackhat but Stella wants all of her charges dropped and immunity. Avery eventually relents and the team starts looking for the blackhat.

Daniel questions Stella about how she met the blackhat. She tells him that after university she took a job at a firm but was bored. She started going into forums and that is when she met the blackhat. After more questioning she says she only knew his screen name “Reaper32”. The team searches and finds Reaper 32’s site on the deep web. Anyone requiring him to digitally murder someone has to upload a video of why they want the person killed. Then Reaper decides if he wants to accept or not. The team decides to send a video and hope that Reaper 32 falls for the trap. In the end Reaper 32 was Stella Kane and she gets arrested. At some point Avery tells DB that she was still in love with her ex-husband. Near the end of the episode when Andrew tells Avery that he met someone and is getting married. Avery finally tells him that she still loves him. He tells her the same thing back and then he moves in as if to kiss before he stops himself and walks out of her office. Since the first episode I’ve always thought that Avery would have a relationship with another character on the show. When Ted Danson joined the cast as DB I thought it was going to be him. The two characters were always very close but there were never sparks. This is the beginning of a relationship for her and with Andrew in love with someone else it should be very interesting.