Apple Event

Today is the day! We’ve been hearing rumors about the iPhone SE or whatever it will actually be called, the new iPad Air which will be more like an iPad Pro Mini and possibly new Apple Watch bands. Apple’s even starts at 10AM PDT or 1PM EST today. You can catch the live Apple stream or you can tune in to live coverage from many of the tech blogs.

I’m probably most excited about the iPad. I had an iPad Pro when they launched but I had to return it because it was too expensive to buy an Apple Watch, iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro. If the new iPad that is the size of the current iPad Air has all the features of the iPad Pro including the use of the Apple Pencil. It may be just up my alley a few months from now at the lower price. I’m excited to see the iPhone SE not because I will buy one but just to see what kind of packaging Apple put together.

As always an Apple Event is time for excitement so I’ll be tuning in.