Give me a laptop with LTE Please!

Working away on my MacBook Pro right now I’m still waiting for my ultimate laptop. The thing that is missing for me above all other things is a data connection. Like my iPhone or iPad I want a laptop that has an LTE or LTE Advanced supporting radio inside plus support from my ISP. I’ve wanted this for a long time and it’s still not here.

LTE or LTE Advanced is just as fast or faster than the Hi-Speed internet connection I have at home now. I have Bell Fibe with the Fibe 15 package which gives me speeds of 15 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. By contrast the LTE and LTE Advanced coverage in Canada gets up to a max of 150 Mbps and 335 Mbps respectively. I have a one hour train ride each way to and from work every day. One hour that I could be doing a lot of things but I’m restricted by my need for an internet connection. Yes I could buy a 12.9” iPad Pro with LTE but there are some downsides to that compared to the way I envision things. I have an unlimited dataplan at home but I’m only home to use it for 2-4 hours of the day. What I would love is for my carrier to offer the intenet connection over the air to my laptop. I have Bell at home and Bell Mobility offers LTE and LTE Advanced to their mobile subscribers. Which means it is possible that I could use that unlimited internet connection through my laptop while I’m on the move. This would be my ultimate dream but there are reasons why it would never happen and one of them is greed.

The problem is not only would I need the manufacturer of the laptop to build in the radios. I would need my carrier to offer the internet connection over the air tieing in to my current unlimited plan. Like I said since the iPad Pro already exists it’s hard to believe that Apple would put an LTE radio in one of their laptops. But the even bigger problem is that there is no way the carrier is going to tie this into my existing unlimited plan. Remember I said greed was the biggest problem. If they need to provide more the carrier will want to get more. The cost of my unlimited plan would either go up or more likely they would want me to have a seperate mobile plan. Last year at one time I boosted my iPhone data plan to the 6GB plan. I could then tether my laptop with the iPhone and have an internet connection. The problem was that it was expensive and in some areas when the connection dropped from LTE to 3G. The internet connection on my laptop was unusable. Perhaps when the data connection to my iPhone gets faster and more stable with LTE Advanced and large coverage. Then it might be a better solution or if I buy an iPad Pro at some point I’ll get yet another data plan. It’s just too bad that it looks like what I envision will always remain a dream of mine.