40 Years of Apple

April 1st was Apple’s 40th anniversary. It got me thinking about my first experience with an Apple device. If I’m completely honest that was back in Grade 7 when I played “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” on an all in one computer. As a fresh faced little Jamaican boy this was new to me. It was the first time I had even seen a computer. This happened during some spare time after class before we left for the day. I was young enough that I cared more about the game than the computer. It wasn’t until high school that I even understood what a computer was. I took computer programming and 3D modelling then but all of my interactions were with Windows computers. It wasn’t until almost a decade later that I would become an Apple customer.

As time went on I started working in the IT field. I love computers and technology in general. The company where I work is mostly a Windows based network. We do have Macs though and when I started getting more support calls for them. I decided that I needed to get a Mac to learn more about the OS. I went through a little anxiety at first thinking about how different it was going to be compared to Windows. After years of using Windows I thought it was going to be a huge difference. I shook off the anxiety though and started looking for a Mac. As if by serendipity a great friend of mine was planning to upgrade his MacBook Pro. I bought that MacBook Pro, which was only a year old model and THAT was my first real Mac.

It was a 17″ Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. After years of owning Windows laptops this thing felt so different. I could feel the quality in it and enjoyed using it. Since then I have never owned any other laptop other than a MacBook Pro. I’ve learned all about the Mac OS and all the other devices made by Apple. It’s been 40 years for Apple and I am looking forward to them having hundreds more. I will be an Apple customer for life

My first Mac experience
My first MacBook Pro