Apple Watch, my PRECIOUS!


I’m old enough to have learned to tell time based on the arms of an analog clock. I wore a regular watch until I got my first smartphone. The day I got my first iPhone was like a liberation for my wrist. After years of wearing a watch it felt great to not have something strapped to my wrist all day every day. I also became an avid Fitbit user 2 years ago when I started my weight loss journey.

The Beginning

It’s been a little over a year since the Apple Watch was released. Here’s how I interact with my Apple Watch. I mention those two specific things because those were my two concerns when the Apple Watch was announced. I knew I was getting one but I worried whether I would be able to once again strap a watch to my wrist all day long. In the weeks leading up to the release of the Apple Watch I tried to wear one of my analog watches. I wanted to see if I could once again get into the habit of having it on my wrist. Both times I tried I wore the watch for one or two days and then it sat on my dresser the rest of the week. I woke up early and pre-ordered my Apple Watch. I ordered a Space Black Apple Watch with a black link bracelet band. I got it only a few days after the release day due to delays but I was a happy camper. At the same time however I also bought a new iPhone and was contemplating getting the iPad Pro when it dropped later in the year. I had 2 weeks to decide if I would keep the Apple Watch or save for the iPad Pro. What surprised me in that 2 weeks is how much I started to love the Apple Watch. I had no problem wearing it on my wrist ever day. The notifications were a blessing, the ability to control the music on my iPhone was pure awesome and the complications really made it indespensible for me. I work in the IT field and many times while I’m working support with one user I get a notification. I have to stop what I’m doing, take my phone out of my pocket and check to see if it’s a more urgent issue. It broke my concentration and wasted my time. The watch enabled me to quickly raise my wrist and assess if the notification was garbage, something for later or urgently requiring my attention. The ease and speed of it made any interruption negligible. I have a 1 hour train ride to and from work each day. Pretty much every day I spend that hour listening to music. Which is why being able to control the music from my watch was just pure awsomeness. Finally the complications on the watch face made the thing indespensible to me. I live in Canada and this year mother nature has been a bit bipolar. I can’t tell you how many times the first thing I would do in the morning is look at the weather complication on the watch face. It would determine how many layers of clothes I would be wearing that day. Unfortunately like I said the iPad Pro was also a consideration and although it was a hard decision the Apple Watch had to go back.

A Christmas Gift

Then on Christmas day my wife gave me the best christmas gift ever! A Space Black Apple Watch with a black sport band. Since Christmas day I have only left my Apple Watch at home once. I wear it every day and love it. The one day when I forgot to charge it the night before and it died on me. I was so upset each time I raised my hand and realized that it wouldn’t respond. Just the simple action of telling the time is now the normal habit of raising my wrist. I have no problems charging it at night. Even when I wore analog watches I never wore them to bed. I didn’t like the restrictive feeling of it. As I said before I became an avid Fitbit user about 2 years ago. This was another one of my worries. I thought perhaps the Apple Watch might pull me away from the Fitbit. It hasn’t at all but instead has augmented it slightly for me. I use a Fitbit One which lives in the pocket of my pants every day. I still pop into the app for challenges and to get a little social with all my Fitbit friends. This is the one thing that I find Apple Watch’s fitness aspect lacking. It needs to be more social in my opinion. If that happened then perhaps I would worry about leaving the Fitbit behind.

It keeps going and going and going…

One year in and I couldn’t be happier with my Apple Watch. There are some days I look at it and smile. There is just something about the styling that appeals to me. I’m not saying there aren’t things I wish it did better. Faster and smarter Siri, more complications and more customization for watch faces spring to mind. I still have the one sport band. I love the black link bracelet and Milanese Loop. However those are a little too pricey for my pocket. I might buy another sport band or one of the new nylon bands. Those are a little more in my budget. I don’t know many people who own one. But then again when the iPhone was first released I didn’t know too many people that owned one either. Will I be getting a new Apple Watch when gen 2 is released? I doubt it, the hardware is fine for me and changes to Watch OS are going to undoubtedly make it better. Perhaps when gen 3 is released I will spring for a new one. Much like I used to do with the iPhone.