Apple Pay finally comes to Canada

Apple Pay has finally come to Canada. Although it “launched” in Canada sometime in November of 2015. At the time it was only supported by American Express. This was great for anyone who had and uses their AMEX card. However if you bank with any of the big 5 banks in Canada and/or use Visa/Mastercard you were SOL.

At the time I wrote a post begging Canada to “Get with the times“. It seemed they finally have done just that. Whether the banks and institutions were testing Apple Pay or moving glacially it’s finally here. Luckily Canada has had contactless payments for quite awhile now. As of today debit and credit cards issued by RBC and CIBC support Apple Pay. I added my CIBC debit and credit card this morning. The other three, TD, Scotiabank and BMO are expected to follow soon. I also tried to add my BMO cards this morning and I was given the error that Apple Pay is not yet supported by BMO. So I’m patiently waiting for that to happen. Apart from the big 5, Canadian Tire Financial Services and ATB Financial also now support Apple Pay.

If you’ve got Visa, Mastercard or debit cards with the banks that are now supported you can add them to the wallet app on your iPhone. President and CEO of Interac and Acxsys Corp. Mark O’Connell said “Apple Pay is an innovative, secure and convenient mobile payment method that will help further the growth and evolution of digital debt payments in Canada”. The Apple site has been updated to reflect this welcomed change.

Now I wonder if my Walmart Mastercard will ever support Apple Pay?