CSI:Cyber Season 2 Episode 14 thoughts

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched the last few episodes of CSI Cyber’s Season 2. I’m really excited to get to the finale and hopefully before the next season begins, if it begins. Dun Dun Duuuun! OK let’s go through episode 14 titled “Fit and Run”.

This episode is an interesting one because it revolves around wearables. It does deal with a scenario that is not yet possible as far as I know. The possibility of malware on wearables. It starts with a woman running at night and the next day her husband Dylan Resnick makes a plea because she is missing. We get a flashback of his wife running and a car driving up behind her. Next we see a man walking over to her body laying in the road. He puts her into the trunk of his car and in the next scene we see police dogs searching. One of the officers finds a dead woman in the marsh they are searching and the scene ends with a shot of her wearable.

The episode furthers the closeness of the relationship between Avery and DB. DB tells Avery about Greer Lattimore and then the two trash talk each other about a game they have to see between the Hoyas and the Bears. Elijah and Daniel work on the wearable found on the dead woman. After removing the logic board and putting it into a new case. Elijah then tells Avery that they found malware on the wearable. DB examines the woman’s body and says it shows signs of bruising and traces of Propofol in her system. This leads them to believe that the suspect must have medical training. At which point Raven jumps in with the fact the husband is a vet and that she thinks he’s guilty. Daniel says the malware that was on the wearable is spyware that it was tracking her location. There are some fun scenes between Daniel and Brody as usual. Like when Brody bets Daniel that a new recruit at Cyber is not going to last. Since the recruit is having a hard time extracting information from devices and seems frustrated. Next the team uses the internal clock on the wearable to determine Alisson Resnick’s time of death. The team also goes through the devices at the Resnicks’ home after the husband is taken into custody by local authorities. Brody finds contradictory evidence to the husband’s statements in the router logs. Avery and DB question the husband asking why he lied to the police. They tell him that the data from his smart sneakers paired with his phone and from the router logs contradict what he told the police. The episode was definitely heavily based on wearables. Showing connected sneakers as well as fitness bands.

When another jogger is taken Daniel is able to decipher data from Alisson’s wearable. The team uses the data to figure out the location of where the body was for over 90 minutes. Until it was dumped, where it was found by police. Elijah, DB and the FBI squad head to the location and find a makeshift surgical room with only a body on a table. While examining the body DB realizes the man is still alive and calls EMS. The team looks at the data from the man’s wearable as well and determines that the suspect hits the victims with his car before taking them away. Avery, Elijah and DB look around the surgical room and figure out that the suspect is harvesting a specific organ. Meanwhile Daniel figures out that the suspect uses NFC to transfer the malware to the fitness band of runners at a 10K race. DB and Avery ponder why the suspect is taking very specific victims. Victims of the same blood type and what that could mean. Daniel gets a hit on the location of the next victim that has been taken. Elijah follows the the victim by tracking her wearable. But they find it in the back of a pickup truck and realize the suspect now knows they are tracking the wearables. When the suspect takes the next victim out of the trunk she pleads for her life. She offers him money but the suspect says the money wont cure his wife. As the suspect and another man prepare the victim for surgery. The team starts to piece all the information together. Figuring out that they must be looking for an organ for someone on the National Organ Registry Database (NORD). Daniel, Brody and Raven look through the database eliminating people based on the information they have. Once they are down to only a handfull of people from the database. They look through the Friendagenda pages of the people on the list. Raven notices that one person on the list has a father who used to be a surgeon. Elijah brings up the fact that everyone on the NORD system is given a phone for immediate contact. Brody uses that information and looks for the location of Sarah’s phone, the woman they found in the database. Elijah, Avery, DB and FBI agents head to the location. They stop the surgeon who turns out to be Sarah’s father. But he tells them that the operation is already done. Both Sarah and the last victim are still alive. As Elijah puts Sarah’s husband into a squad car he begs Elijah to let him know when Sarah wakes up and if she’s OK. Avery talks to the father as he tries to excuse what he’s done. Saying he never meant to kill Allison but it was all worth it to save his daughter’s life. Avery says Allison was someone’s daughter too. The team watches the news as Allison’s husband was released from jail. Then Avery and DB sit down to watch the big game. The Hoyas vs the Bears, table tennis championship.

This episode felt like filler to me. There was nothing of real importance to the overall storyline. The biggest thing was DB’s admission to dating Lattimore. It was a good episode, I liked the idea and all the usual interaction between the characters. The only thing I had a problem with was the fact that the father and son could have gotten an organ on the black market. The father could have done the surgery and it wouldn’t have resulted in deaths and their eventual prison time. A person killing someone else but saying it was worth it because they saved their own loved one is just ignorant and selfish. They took a life, someone else’s loved one, daughter, mother, sister, wife.