A little change

I have an un-quenchable thirst for knowledge. Which usually results in a split of my focus as I try to learn many things at once. Lately it has been a split between writing, learning to program, photography, learning to use new computer Operating Systems (OSes) and blogging. This is in addition to the usual adventures of daily life.

I’ve decided to narrow my focus right now to only 2 things on the list, writing and learning programming. So for the next little while there may not be as many tech related blog posts. In order to help with my focus I’ve also decided to create a post every day with whatever I have written. It will be a very, very, very rough draft but I’m hoping that will keep me motivated during the process. Anyone who reads it wont be a Beta reader, you’ll be an Alpha reader that is how rough it will be. It will be the very first draft and the un-edited thoughts to digital paper version of the story. I’ve participated in Nanowrimo for 4 years now and I find it a huge motivator for my writing. I’m hoping the blog posts will do the same.

I may also do a blog post from time to time about programming. Who knows, just stay tuned and hopefully this will be an exciting start to something…