My writing style

I’ve always loved writing and telling stories. But it’s only about 5 years ago that I ever considered trying to write something. I’ve done Nanowrimo for the past 4 years and it’s taught me quite a bit about writing. My writing style is very much “seat of the pants”. I usually have the whole idea for the story in my head. I can see the characters talking to each other and the events unfolding. Then I sit to write and it all flows out.

I’ve only ever finished one story that I started. It was the very first one I started writing and it took me a little over a year to finish the very first draft. I’ve tried to edit it but get stuck on the very first chapter. The problem, my problem, is I get these brilliant ideas and then I go chasing them. While I’m knee deep in the middle of one I will get another idea and so I abandon the one I’m writing. I am still determined to actually edit the first story I wrote but first I want to finish yet another one. I am commiting myself to that this time and I hope posting my progress on the blog will keep me motivated. I’m a little fearful because putting such a rough copy in such a public place. Is like baring youself for all to see. I never allow comments so at least if there is bashing it will not be on the site.

This time I also decided to do things a little differently. It’s always fun to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone. I wont be writing by the seat of my pants this time. I have already started to write out a summary of the story along with some of the character names. It felt very different to write this way but I quickly got in the hand of it. I also feel like this method will help me because it’s like a treasure map to the end of the book. Very soon the beginning stages will be put up here so WATCH OUT!