Windows 10 free upgrade is ending

I’ve used every Windows version since Windows 95. Yes even the abomination that was Millenium Edition or Windows Me. So take it from Me when I tell you Windows 10 is so much better than Windows 8. Plus the fact that until July 29th the upgrade to Windows 10 is free.

The reason why I bring this up is that time is almost up. We are on the final stretch of June and there is just a little over a month to do the upgrade for free. After July 29th an upgrade to Windows 10 will cost you so why wait? Especially if you are using Windows 8 right now. The free upgrade is available to any computer running a valid version of Windows 7 or 8. If you’re on Windows 7 then skip Windows 8 altogether and head straight to Windows 10. But maybe you’re not completely sure if you want to upgrade yet. Maybe you’re concerned about software compatibility or it’s a network environment and the company is unsure about the upgrade. Well here is a way to keep your free upgrade spot. The steps are chronicled in a post by Ed Bott here. What you do is install Windows 10 long enough to claim the free upgrade from Microsoft. Once that is done you can then roll back to the previous Operating System (OS) until you’re ready to move to Windows 10. Follow the link above for all the instructions on getting back to the previous OS. If you’re using Windows 8 I don’t know why you would want to but hey maybe you’re a glutton for punishment.

In the linked post the procedure is being done by a person on their own personal computer. As a network administrator I have to advise doing a system backup before starting the process. Especially for computers in a network setting. The rollback should be quick and painless but this is Microsoft Windows we’re talking about. How many times has quick and painless turned into anything but. My personal procedure has been to do a full system backup then upgrade to Windows 10. If the user was rolling back to the previous OS a backup could always come in handy in a pinch. Now what are you waiting for don’t let Microsoft’s free offer expire!