HBO’s Silicon Valley, thoughts

I just finished watching the Season 3 finale of Silicon Valley. HBO has a hit on their hands with this show. I love the show, it and Game of Thrones are the only two reasons I subscribe to HBO.

Silicon Valley is polarizing though. Ever since the first season it seemed to me that people either loved it or they hated it. Me, well like I said I love it. I find it hilariously funny and I’m glad that there is finally a show all about my favorite subject, tech. I’ve been wondering lately, after the finale, how many more seasons are left in the show. The idea behind the show to me limited its possibilities from the get go. I find shows like Revenge for example to be very similar. In Revenge’s case the point of the story was for Amanda Clark to avenge her father’s wrongful imprisonment and death. While also dismantling the organization operating in the shadows that created the tragedy for which he was imprisoned. At first it was exciting, viewers were all behind Amanda. I loved her ninja like precision as she executed her plans. I loved Nolan’s involvement as the tech genius behind some of her schemes. The problem for me came in the later seasons, I think somewhere around the end of the second. Once the organization was pretty much destroyed and her revenge was exacted on most of the people who did her father wrong. The show started to fizzle for me. The whole point of the show started to change. She met her mother, she wasn’t executing plans for revenge anymore, when she was executing defensive plans they were sloppy then the big reveal that her father was still alive. All the things that the story was based on in the first place were no longer relevant. The writers tried to change it up and introduce new storylines. But I feel like viewers had already identified with Amanda from the beginning. They were all in on her goal so once it was accomplished that felt like the natural conclusion of the show. Silicon Valley feels very similar to me. The whole point of the show is Richard Hendricks’ struggles with his startup, Pied Piper. All the other characters are all supporting roles. How many seasons of his bad luck can viewers watch until it starts to feel repetative and boring? I love the show but for me this season started off with less oomph. I found myself trying to force more laughter at the jokes because I didn’t want them to not be funny. It wasn’t until around the 3rd episode for me that the show got into the usual groove. Looking back at the first season I can see how much all the characters have grown. Richard is now getting to be more commanding and sure of himself and what he wants for his company.

The 3rd season is over. Pied Piper is under new ownership and is now a video chat platform. How will the show change? I’m excited to see if there will be new struggles but will it feel like more of the same thing? Since season 1 Richard and the gang have been struggling resulting in hilarious situations. At a certain point though you kind of want them to start having some successes otherwise the point of the jokes get stale. When I look at other shows that are on TV season after season they have one thing in common. They aren’t specifically about one character and from the beginning they never had a limited lifespan. Look at Desperate Housewives, Roseanne, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS. All shows that were and are still on the air after many, many seasons. These shows are all about the lives of all the characters. There are multiple stories going on at the same time and when one ends a new one begins. I feel like that is what keeps viewers hooked because they are not just focused on one main character and their story. I love Silicon Valley and I don’t want it to go away, well ever. Which is why I worry about where they will go with the show to keep it interesting. I feel like they definitely have to start going more into the lives of each character and have funny circumstances. It’s a way to have hilarious situations that will not feel old because it’s not having to do with the technology but their life in the “Valley”. It’s a way to start putting more of the characters into the spotlight rather than have the show completely focused around Richard. Since Dinesh put the video chat app together using Richard’s algorithm maybe other companies will start courting him. Perhaps even Hooli will try to get him to make their Hooli Chat app better since that is the obvious competitor. Hey I’m just a fan throwing ideas out there. I’ll reserve my judgement for the next season and hope that there are many more seasons to come.