Arrow Finale

I’ve always had an on and off relationship with the TV show Arrow. Even in the comics I’m only ever interested in Green Arrow during certain stories. I was re-introduced to Arrow through a crossover episode with my favorite super hero TV show right now The Flash. I record Arrow on my DVR/PVR and I just watched the finale last night. I’m looking forward to the next season but I also had some thoughts about this season and the finale.

I thought it was great for the show when Oliver and Felicity broke up. In most shows whenever the two major characters get together the show starts to fizzle. Shows like Castle, Bones, just to name a few start to fizzle after the hookup. I think viewers like the hint of a romantic connection between characters. There is an excitement while we wait and hope to see the couple together. But when they do get together the excitement is gone. Just think of Christmas or a Birthday. The excitement of guessing what the gift is and once the gift is unwrapped that excitement is gone. It’s the same thing here at least to me. When Oliver and Felicity got together it was a pay off and then things quickly went sideways. Now that they are not together anymore but the connection is still there in the background. Viewers are back to hoping they get back together eventually. Another thing I also loved is the character Lonnie, because although he was doing bad things it is against bad people. This is why I don’t think I could ever be a super hero. I could never sit back and let the bad guy do bad things over and over again then save his family. I always enjoy the episodes that Lonnie is in becasue of his vendetta against Darhk and the fact that he does things you know the Green Arrow would never do. I’ve been enjoying this last season of Arrow even though I’ve missed episodes during the season. I do hate bad guys and my hatred for the Darhk character was approaching the levels of my hate for Dr. Doom in the comics.

Which brings me to what let me down most. The death of Darhk and how anticlimatic it was for me. I mean he paralysed Felicity, killed Black Canary, kidnapped Oliver’s son and still the final battle between the two was so blah. The final blow was even more blah and boring. The whole time when there was no hope I was sitting waiting for the Green Arrow to get dark in order to face Darhk. The face off between them should have been epic. I shouldn’t have been able to lose the two characters in the mob of people fighting. It should have been both of them fighting surrounded by a ring of the mob. Then Green Arrow strikes the final blow! Instead it was a meh scene with a lackluster finish at least for me. After spending the entire season waiting for the character to die after each horrible thing he did. Well it let me down.

It will be interesting to see where next season leads from here. I guess the writers must have felt the team was getting too big because there was the death of Black Canary and then the finale with the other members of the team walking away. Now we see who will come back next season and how they will be pulled back to the team.