Pokemon GO could be better

OK to start this off I will admit I was never into Pokemon. Even as the Pokemon GO craze was taking over I still wasn’t that interested. Mostly because I was never into Pokemon back in the day. Then my younger brother came over and he is all about the Pokemon GO. His excitement made me curious so I planned to put it on my iPad. Unfortunately at the time it was not available in Canada. The work it would take me to sign out and then sign in to the US store was too much. But then the next day it was in Canada and I had it. Just by setting it up and then playing there were obvious things that I found missing.

My admonition that I was never into Pokemon or into this game. Is to preface the fact that the information I have is from my brother. Anyway there are some things that came to me that should be done or changed in the game. The first thing is that in order to connect people even more on the game why can’t I add my friends? You login with a GMail address and you also create a username in the game. Why can’t I add other users by their username or their GMail address? It is a way to show off what you have and it connects people from all over the world. Imagine seeing the Pokedex of a player from Australia and the Pokemon that they have been able to find in their neighbourhoods. My brother is staying at my house for the week during summer. We are in another city and he’s been telling me how excited his friends are going to be becasue of the Pokemon he caught. He’s in a different city and neighbourhood finding different Pokemon. If he had all his friends and they could see his Pokedex then the excitement would be immediate. The excitement would keep the hype going. In addition having a chat feature would be a bonus. I know the point of the game is to get users outside and moving. However you aren’t outside 24-7 and when you go home the excitement of the game doesn’t just stop. Except you can’t share that excitment with anyone easily.

The next thing is to keep the game going even when you’re not out on the town. The gyms are interesting because you are supporting your faction. However once you leave your Pokemon at the gym you don’t do anything with it until the gym is conquered. There also isn’t any leveling up by fighting other Pokemon like in the Pokemon games before. I think this is a mistake because again you aren’t playing 24-7. This ties into adding other users because then when you’re home. You break out your Pokemon and you can fight against other users. It makes catching all the Pokemon matter more than just the excitement of “catching em all”. It adds more to the game and keeps the player excited and playing beyond just the time when they are out looking for the Pokemon.

They definitely need to figure out the AR battery drain issue as well because that makes the game even more cute and fun.

I’ve downloaded the game and it’s a pretty cool experience. I’m exited to see where it goes since it is relatively new right now.