You Gotta get this app

If you have an iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) I really think you need this app. The app is called “Documents” and it’s made by Readdle. Let me tell you the story of what happened to me and why this app saved me frustration, time and energy.

It all seems so coincidental that it kind of amazes me. Last week one of my USB sticks died. It could nolonger be read on my Mac or any Windows computer. Though I could see the drive itself in device managers and utilities. I ran data recovery software on it and probably recovered 90-95% of what was on it. The data on it wasn’t mission critical, just my personal stuff. However all the images synced to my iPhone was on the key. Again not mission critical but it would be nice to have back. I have copies but they were at least 5 months old by now. Like I said I ran the recovery software but we’re talking about thousands of images no longer organized in folders. Yes a daunting task indeed.

All the images are on my iPhone so I wasn’t in a rush to try and figure anything out. This week my younger brother came to spend the week at my place. We were talking and he told me about this app called Documents for iOS. It gave the user access to some of the files on the iPhone. At first I was a little leery when he told me. I looked it up and saw that it was made by Readdle which put my mind at ease. I used one of their apps in the past and they are also well known. I installed the app on my iPad and iPhone intending to test it out at some point. Well the next day I thought I would try and figure out a way to get the images off my iPhone and onto my computer. It would be the most up to date copy and I would be able to organize them just as they are on the phone. Well I searched online, I tried Funbox and iExplorer. But all that was happening is I was getting more and more frustrated because none of them worked. Then I thought I’d see if the Documents app could do what I needed. I opened it up and I could see all the albums with the images I needed off the phone. But, I couldn’t find a way to transfer it to my computer. Until I hit the services tab and saw the option to connect a cloud service. The app allows you to connect Onedrive, Dropbox and other cloud based services. It was perfect!

At this point I’m  loving the app because I just wasted hours and got nowhere. I connected my Onedrive account. Created folders on Onedrive with the same name as the albums on my phone. Then went into each album selected all the images and uploaded them to the corresponding folder on Onedrive. It really was that easy. I setup the transfer of probably 4 or 5 GBs of images in less than 30 minutes. Onedrive is set to sync the folder to my computer so once all the images finished uploading. I would have the most up to date copy and a backup of them in the cloud. I couldn’t belive how simple it was and all the frustration I went through earlier that morning. Well it made me appreciate the team at Readdle a whole lot more. Plus that is just the tip of the iceberg of what this app can do. If you have an iDevice I’m telling you that you need to check out this app.